Boost Brake Safety with Proper Brake Maintenance


Ignoring any issues that your brakes may have can have serious, if not fatal consequences. Hence, it is important for every motorist, irrespective of the time they spend on the road, to be aware of the symptoms of any potential brake issues. In the event that prompt and corrective action is taken, it leads to higher safety and lower repair bills over the long-term. Here are a few things that may indicate that your brakes of your vehicle might need a little loving care from trained professionals like the technicians at Orange Auto in Al Quoz.

  1. Use Your Ears to Check for Brake Noises: If your brakes make any sort of grinding or scraping noises, that means they immediately need to be checked for worn brakepads or brake shoes. Leakage of brake fluid can be another problem that needs attention. Brake components may be loose or more lubrication may be needed. These are all issues that a short visit to a reputed garage like Orange Auto can sort out.
  1. Use Your Feet and Check Brake Pressure: If the brakes need excess pressure, then they need to be checked. This could point to issues with brake fluid, the brake booster, or defects in one of the components. It would be better to err on the safe side and get the brakes thoroughly checked.
  1. Use Your Eyes to Check Brake Pedal Movement: If your brake pedals move towards the floor for more than 3 or 4 inches before the braking effect is felt, it can mean that there are problems with the brake shoes, the pressure check valve or with the adjustment of the brake shoes.
  1. Use your Hands to check for Vibration: If you detect a vibration in the steering wheel, take the car into a workshop to get the brake system checkedStep 3 – Identify and Check Out Brake Drag. Vibrations can also be felt through the brake pedal and it would be better to get it fixed before healthy parts get affected and worn down due to problems with other components.
  1. Use Your Nose to Check for Burning Smells: If there is a pungent burning smell coming from near the tires, that means you need to get your brakes checked on an urgent basis
  1. Does your Car Veer to the Side when Applying Brakes? If your vehicle veers to the right or to the left, this can pint to brake and suspension issues.
  1. Check the Brake Warning light: If your brake warning light comes on, your brakes are overdue for a thorough inspection.