How do you know if the 3M car tinting you are
getting in Dubai is Original and Genuine?

There are many companies in Dubai and the UAE selling car original 3M tinting and claiming that the films that they are selling is Genuine 3M tinting. Unfortunately this is a misconception and not all shops are selling original 3M tinting windows. There are several simple ways to find out if the company is authorized and is actually selling original and genuine 3M window films.


All authorized autocare centers in Dubai and the UAE must have 3M signage outside their shop. If they do not have this then they are not selling you the real stuff, and no, 3M logos on the glass doors of their shop does not count. It must be a shop board with the Clear 3M logo. This has come into effect and 3M by law takes down any shop that has 3M signage without their permission and will be faced with heavy fines.


check to see if they can give you warranty on the window films. The maximum warranty for 3M window films is 5 years.

Ask 3M gulf

Check with 3M Middle East/ 3M gulf if the organization you are getting the window films is authorized to do so.

Original 3M Tinting
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