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Tire Penz – Reflect Kit – White / Silver / Yellow / Gold / Purple / Blue / Green / Pink / Orange / Red

Tire Penz REFLECT Kit! Our redeveloped Tire Penz paint formula has the same hold and vibrancy you’ve come to know. SAME GREAT PAINT, LESS TIME SPENT PAINTING! We’ve also added a new product to our kits: REFLECT. REFLECT is a lightweight, bright powder that can be applied to lettering on the sidewall of your tires. When light hits the mixture of Tire Penz paint and Reflect, you get a (FLASH) effect; just like the yellow/white paint on the road. REFLECT not only looks great, but it also helps to promote rider visibility in low light conditions! Tire Penz Pen Kit includes all you need to get the freshest-looking tires on the road. Specially formulated, high-quality, stick-to-rubber paint, will give your tires a unique look that will “WOW” any onlookers down the road. Our UV protective paint ensures that your colors remain vibrant against tough weather and the harsh elements of the road. What are you waiting for? Get started with a Pen Kit today. Contents: Qty. 1 Tire Penz Paint Pen Qty. 1 Tire Penz REFLECT Applicator Qty. 1 Wire Brush Qty. 1 Replacement Reversible Pen Tip.

Colors Available:

White Silver Yellow Gold Purple Blue Green Pink Orange Red