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Drift Tires

Drifting is a popular pastime in the UAE, both for participants and the spectators. Drifting began as a pastime in Japan but has quickly become popular across the globe. In drifting, in order to create spectacular effects, drivers intentionally oversteer. Tires are allowed to skid as the vehicle moves.

Tires get the brunt of the stress on the vehicle as drivers still need to retain control of the vehicle while taking corners and performing stunts. Drifting is the ultimate test when it comes to the tires as tires are forced to not only meet but exceed expectations. Not all tires can be used as drifting tires. Tires spin and turn a lot in drifting and the size of the tire is important when it comes to drifting.

Generally, tires that are used for drifting will need to have better traction, and the power of the car used for drifting needs to be taken into consideration. The vehicle’s power needs to be carefully matched with the size of the tire and the sidewall. The sidewall should be quite stiff to bear the brunt of the damage inflicted when the vehicle encounters bumpy terrain. When you are going around a corner at high speed, you need tires that you can really depend on and the quality of the tires you use is really important.

Tires used for drifting should be made of harder material and should be more durable than normal road tires. They should wear more consistently as compared to conventional tires. Drifters generally use different tires at the front and rear as the demand placed on the tires on the front and the rear tires are different.

Though no company makes tires specifically for drifting, there are a few tires that are more suitable for drifting than others. These include Bridgestone Potenza RE01 and G3, Yokohama Advan Neovas and Federal SS595.Ventus R-S3 tires from Hankook too are known for their high grip levels that make them ideal for drifting, autocross and race events. The better the quality of the tire, the better the drift.

With drifting gaining in popularity, tire manufacturers too are coming up with drifting tires that are tougher and offer better grip in order to cater to the needs of drifters.

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