Rules of the Road for Driving
an SUV in Dubai

Long before SUVs and CUVS became all the rage on a global basis, SUVs were highly popular in the UAE. In addition to their powerful performance on the road, they were seen as rugged, comfortable vehicles that offer equally good both on-road and off-road performance and are ideal for reasonably large families. Depending on whether you use your SUV mostly on the road for commuting to work or for weekend trips off the beaten track with the family, the SUV you choose will need different maintenance regimens. Here are a few rules of the road for driving an SUV in Dubai.


The first rule is to choose the SUV that is most suitable for your needs. Do you really need an SUV? Are you planning to buy an SUV mainly for highway driving due to the safety factor? Or will you be taking a lot of weekend offroad trips where smooth handling, comfort, and all-terrain suitability are the main considerations? If you intend to take even a short trip into the desert, choose a model like the Jeep Wrangler, or the Toyota Land Cruiser that provides all the conveniences of a true 4 WD and a great suspension, get thorough checks done at a reputable garage like Orange Auto in Al Quoz and then you can venture into the desert with your mind at rest. Don’t proceed with your purchase decision based merely on the looks, but keep the comfort and safety factor in mind always.

SUVs can be expensive to buy and maintain. Make sure that you have a reliable garage that charges reasonable prices, provides genuine spare parts and is staffed by knowledgeable technicians on your side when you own an SUV. This will keep your running costs to a minimum and help you retain the resale value of your vehicle so that depreciation is less severe when you want to resell your car.

SUVs are generally more complex and sophisticated and are prone to breakdowns. This is why when you need to service or repair your SUV, you need to have it handled by people who know what they are doing and should take it to a reputable garage like Orange Auto.

Choosing the right options and accessories is important. Choose accessories and options that will be of benefit to you like roof rails, roof racks, towing ropes, and mud flaps. Large decorative alloy wheels and body kits can wait.

Make sure you choose the right tires like all-terrain tires for going off-road. Ensure that the tires are in the best possible shape with tire pressure checks, wheel alignment, and tire rotation. Nitrogen filling will help to keep the tire pressure more stable. All these services are available at high-end garages like Orange Auto.

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