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Porsche is the biggest manufacturer of roadworthy sports cars. These cars can really stand the test of time. The bodies of Porsche vehicles are 100 per cent galvanized and hence they are very rust resistant.  They do still need to have their fluids changed, tires aligned and minor mechanical repairs. When they do need to be repaired, they need genuine, high quality parts which you need to source from a trustworthy garage. To keep your Porsche in the best possible shape, it is important to have access to really competent technicians like Orange Auto in Al Quoz to provide you with good Porsche service in Dubai. Porsche models like Porsche 911, Porche Turbo, the Cayenne and the Panamera have a huge fan following across the world.

Porsche enjoys the twin benefits of a huge budget for R&D and the economies of scale due to mass production, thus giving the cars better build quality. It has been recognized in many consumer studies like the renowned JD Powers annual survey as one of the top brands when it comes to quality and reliability. The engine, drivetrain, suspension, handling and engineering of a Porsche is always a cut above that of mass market models. In spite of having a relatively high volume of production, Porsches are still exclusive enough to have hand made parts like sun visors that are hand stitched on the 918 Spyder. In line with their top quality, parts and service also need to be top notch and this is why when you need Porsche service in Dubai, you go to the very best in the business.

Whether it is for regular maintenance or extensive repairs, you need the assistance of technical experts who are familiar with the intricacies of your Porsche model and will ensure that it receives the best care possible whether it is with regard to the exteriors, the A/C system, the tires or the fluids. When you need Porsche service in Dubai, Orange Auto is definitely one of the leading contenders as a garage that offers a wide range of services including 3 M tinting, paint protection, wheel alignment, tire rotation, A/C repair and brake and suspension.

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