What Brand of Car Window Tinting do I Use in Dubai?

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What Brand of Car Window Tint do I Use in Dubai?

Dubai, like most locations in the desert experiences extremes when it comes to temperatures and the climate in general. Tinting not only keeps the car cool during the extremely hot summers we experience in Dubai but also minimizes glare during driving. It adds to the visual appeal of the car.  Light colored tint that stays within the norms can increase the coolness quotient of a luxury car. Many people fail to realize that tinting immensely adds to the safety factor. In many accidents, the windows tend to shatter and the tiny pieces of broken glass can cause a lot of harm. When the windows are tinted, the adhesive in the tint will minimize breakage by holding the cracked glass together. Tinting also prevents potential thieves from getting a good look at any valuable equipment that you might have inside your car including state of the art audio systems, and GPS units.  Another added benefit of tinting is that it absorbs most of the UV rays that can make the interiors of the car fade and thus helps to retain the newness of the car. With all these advantages that tinting offers, the next step would be to wonder what brand of tint to use in Dubai and places to get it done in a professional manner.


When it comes to tinting, there will be garages that offer tinting for a sedan for as low as AED 100 and garages that offer the same service for AED 1000. What matters though is whether a good job or a bad job is done when it comes to applying the tint. A bad tint job can is visually unappealing due to the formation of bubbles and it may not cover the entire window. Moreover, it will mean removing the tint and redoing it all over again. Make sure that if you need a tint job, you get it done at a reputed garage like Orange Auto in Al Quoz where only tint films from 3M, which is the best brand in the business is used. The technicians at this garage have been trained by 3M in the correct technique and give you real value for money. So, here is to cooler driving in Dubai with the best tinted windows!