The Benefits of Car Polishing in Dubai

The appearance of your car, rightly or wrongly, often plays a critical role in the impression people get about you. In a place like Dubai, where the weather is so unpredictable and sandstorms and fog is frequent occurrences we need to be aware of the benefits of car Polishing because it is not an easy task to keep your vehicle clean all the time. Many people think that washing their car regularly and waxing it once in a while is all that is needed to maintain the new look of the exterior paint. However, they are mistaken and not aware of the benefits of car polishing. Even if you have tried to protect the external appearance of your vehicle with a ceramic paint protection job, in view of the frequent need to wash your car in Dubai, it is important to get a car polish job done to help the ceramic coating last several years. The ceramic coating will be sealed for several years, and in order to maintain it in good condition, it needs to be polished properly. Sealing in a paint finish that is hazy, oxidized, and full of swirl marks makes no sense when there are plenty of options to get an excellent car polishing job in Dubai.

benefits of car polishing

While car coatings and wax generally protect vehicles from environmental elements, polishes help to increase the life and appearance of the external paintwork by removing dirt that cannot be removed easily through washing. It also serves to remove oxidized paint, fill in minor surface scratches and swirl marks. It also conditions the paintwork to minimize drying, peeling and cracking. This is why polishing should be seriously considered as part of a comprehensive car care regimen.

It used to be believed that polishing by hand was the way to go. However, there have been a lot of technological innovations in the detailing world and these have come quickly to Dubai, especially to reputed garages like Orange Auto in Al Quoz. Everyone now uses polishing machines which can easily remove paint imperfections like swirl marks without damaging the paint unlike pore powerful machines that are used in paint and body shops. These machines which are known as Dual Action (DA) polishers first became available for DIY enthusiasts in the late 90s but are now widely available. Now, it has become possible for practically anyone to perform a professional car polish job using these machines.

It is important to begin the polishing job by choosing the right polish for your car. It does not matter whether the polish is for light or dark paint. What matters in the polishing process is that more than the paintwork, it is the clear coat on top of the paint that needs to be corrected. Clearcoat is essentially clear paint. Hence, polishes can be used for every painting.

Once it has been decided which polish to use, the next step is to remove the minor imperfections in the paint like swirl marks, scratches, and heavy oxidation from the paint finish. Swirl marks can be caused by improper washing or drying. Use a foam cutting pad having the abrasive polish compound in tandem with a DA polisher to remove all these imperfections. The foam pad needs to be rinsed off frequently with a hose or power washer to prevent it from becoming saturated. Careful garage technicians like those at Orange Auto in Dubai are especially careful around intricate trim areas like mirrors, emblems, and complex bumpers in order to avoid burning the finish. It is important to ensure that the area continues to be wet and just enough compound is used for each panel. After applying the polish, it would be advisable to wipe off any extra polish with microfiber towels.

In order to give the next level of depth and gloss to the corrected paint, mount a soft foam pad on the DA polisher and apply a 60:40 mix of the paste wax compound and a fine finishing polish onto the pad in order to polish the dull finish given by the abrasive used before. Use the polisher at a medium speed to spreading the wax onto the vehicle while using back and forth motions in a steady but gentle manner. There should be just enough of a waxy coating to be visible when dry. The protective layer of carnauba wax will keep the finish pristine and protect the exterior paint from UV rays, bird droppings, and all other contaminants. In order to give the car a professionally polished look, it would be advisable to take it into a garage staffed by detailing professionals who know what they are doing.

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