Battery Change for Cars

Best Place for Car Battery Replacement in Dubai

You cannot even start your car if your battery is dead. Battery prices in Dubai can vary widely from garage to garage and so can the quality of the batteries they provide. Hence, it pays a lot to get battery checks, service, and replacement is done at a trustworthy garage. Orange Auto is one of the best garages offering Car Battery replacement and battery checking in Dubai.

You Should Choose Orange Auto for Battery Change Services

Affordable, Fast

We help you get started in less than 30 minutes

System Diagnostic

Take care of your battery and it will last a lifetime!

100% long-lasting guarantee

New batteries come with an out-and-out guarantee

Feel Free to Reach out

Our services are available throughout the week

Jump Start Service

Dead battery? We haul you down the road again.

Special offers

Take Benefit of limited-time Offers, Discounts, and Deals.

Reasons Why You Should Choose Orange Auto for Battery Services

Customers can choose from a wide range of batteries depending on their requirements and budget.

It does not matter what type of vehicle you have whether it is a compact economy vehicle or if it is a luxury SUV, we have what you would need. We are also specialists in truck or bus battery replacement, so we are able to service all kinds of vehicles.

We have the latest testing and service equipment to check that your issue is truly a battery issue and is not due to any alternative electrical problem. Before you leave Orange Auto, we ensure that your battery is fully charged and in fine working condition using car battery chargers and diagnostic checks to ensure that you will have no further battery issues.

We have links with the top car battery Dubai suppliers and brands like Solite, AC Delco, Entex, and Bosch. All our batteries come with warranties and will be fitted within a short period while you wait in our restful waiting area.

There is no battery issue we cannot handle. If you are at a standstill because of battery issues, we promise to get you moving.

Why choose Orange Auto

Quality Assurance

Our service network comprises of the finest garages in the UAE. They're also equipped with the best who mechanics specialise in all makes and models to give the best service for your car.


With pickup and delivery, our hassle-free process makes car maintenance much more convenient for you.


Place utmost reliance on our dedicated service advisors who’ll guide you through the entire service process.