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  • Mileage warranty does not apply to tires fitted as original equipment on new vehicles
  • It only applies to the original owner of the vehicle for which the tires were installed
  • The warranty is subject to time limits that are set by the tire manufacturer, as they expire after certain number of years from the date of purchase
  WHAT IS NOT COVERED Please be mindful of the fact that this Mileage Warranty does not cover:
  • Road hazard related damages.
  • Impacts on the sidewall of the tires.
  • Damage due to not maintaining your vehicle properly.
  • Accident, fire, chemical corrosion or vandalism.
  • Flat spotting due to improper storage or brakelock.
  • Cosmetic ozone or weather cracking
  • Any usage for which the tire was not originally intended, for example usage of passenger car tires in commercial applications, off-road purposes, and usage under other vehicles.
As for the rest of the warranty period of the tire, the replacement cost is prorated against the percentage of service not received by the customer.