On each tyre there is a tread wear indicator that is moulded in with the tyres to show when the tyre is worn out to its safety limit. This indicator is moulded in throughout the tyre evenly. The minimum tread depth should be atleast 1.5 mm, otherwise it is advised to change your tyres immediately. You should also notice lower performance in your tyres, for example when making corners, or accelerating, if you feel your car does not grip the road or perform like it is supposed to, then that is a clear indicator that your tyres should be changed.

The tyre size is located on the side wall of your tyre usually comes in three sets of number for example 205/55/16. This can also be located inside your glove box door, instructions manual, inside the gas tank hatch/lever or the driver side door jamb.

The load index is located right after the tyre size, if you look in the image it is (91V), 91 is the load index and the letter V is the speed rating.

Your tyres should last for about four to five years depending on driving conditions and how you take care of your tyres. Certain tyre brands also come with a KM warranty, for example 4 years warranty of up to 40,000 KM (This also depends on the size of the tyre as well as the brand)

The production date of your tyres come in a set of 4 numbers usually right before the three letters (DOT) and would be written as (3210). The number 32 is the week that it is produced and 10 means 2010, so in this case it means the 32nd week of 2010.

If you have uneven tyre wear it means that you with have underinflated tyres, over inflated tyres or you have bad wheel alignment in which before purchasing new tyres you would have to get your wheel alignment done.

Nitrogen gas filled tyres exhibit less change in pressure due to fluctuations in temperature. For example if you have regular air in your tyres and you have 35 PSI pressure, when the weather becomes 45 degrees and you are driving on the highway, the pressure in your tyres may reach 50 PSI thus reducing the lifespan of your tyres. With Nitrogen your tyre pressure will remain constant. Furthermore nitrogen will not migrate through the tyre unlike oxygen meaning you will have a more stable and constant tyre pressure.

Buying new tyres does not mean that you automatically need wheel alignment, However upon inspection our experienced technicians may advise you on what you may need if your previous tyres had un even treadwear. So if you buy new tyres or not, a wheel alignment check is always recommended as if you have poor alignment, you may have uneven tread wear, prevention is always better than cure. Please note that your driving conditions can also affect your wheel alignment, so if you are flying over speed bumps, don’t expect to have a proper wheel alignment.

Fluctuations in weather temperature may cause the air pressure in your tires to change, this usually happens if you have regular air in your tires. Other reasons why you may losing air pressure are the following: A) if your tires are very old. B)You may have a puncture. C) your tyre valve may be faulty D) your wheels may have a crack in them causing you tires to lose pressure E) Tires may not have been installed properly F) your tire may be faulty, ie manufacturer defect.

We recommend that you check your tire pressure at least once a month.

When your steering wheel vibrates at a certain speed it can mean that a) your tyres were not balanced properly and need balancing b)you may have hit a pothole and may have damaged one or more of your wheels, or even your tyres. c) your tyres may be old and may need changing. We recommended to take your vehicle to a professional and have them checked.

Directional tyres will have an arrow on the sidewall indicating in which direction they should be going. These tires should never be crisscrossed.

Yes you can, bearing in mind that the reason your vehicle came with run flat tyres is due to the fact that it does not come equipped with a spare tire. So if you do get a puncture be prepared to call a recovery truck or a mobile tire fitting van.

Every vehicle comes with a specific tyre pressure, this can usually be found in several places, a)inside the car user manual b) driver side door jamb c) inside the petrol cap/door jamb.

Run flat tyres are made to work even after loss of pressure, so as the name says (run flat)m unless you have a tire pressure monitoring system, even the most experienced of drivers may not notice the loss of air in the tire.

Car Tinting

As per the UAE law, the new legal car tinting percentage is 50 Percent.

Car window film tinting is made out of polyester and other materials that is multilayered to control and protect different properties that pass through the film such as UV (ultra violet lights), glare, heat and privacy.

The benefits of Car window tinting is that it reduces heat, saves energy for your car (your ac will work less to cool down your car, simultaneously your car battery), gives you privacy, reduces glare, UV protection and even makes your car look good!

The different levels or percentages are referred by the how much light is transmitted through the film. The darker the film, the less amount of light that is passed through thus also having more heat rejection.

The tint is always applied on the inside of the vehicle, if it is applied on the outside, the window film will not last and thus become hazy and soon deteriorate.

The film will not affect the defroster ad vice versa, hence if you are using cheap window films that do not come with warranty, when removing the window film, your rear defrosters may detach and get damaged.

Many of us might wonder why application of window tint can cause the windows to appear hazy. This is due to the retention of moisture between the glass and the window film. In a few days, the film or the adhesive will cure completely and the balance moisture would evaporate through the film. Once the moisture is completely gone within a period that can range from a few days to one or two months, the windows will become absolutely clear.

No It does not cost more for a darker shade, if you are paying for crystalline, Colour stable or even the FX series of 3M window films, you are paying for the grade and quality of the film and not the shade.

No, you should not roll down your windows for at least 48 hours in order for the glue on the film to completely dry out and stick to the glass.

You should wait at least one week after installing new film on your car window. We recommend that you use a clean microfiber tower with an ammonia free window cleaner.

If your window film is damaged, it cannot be repaired and must be replaced.

No, window films can only be applied to glass windows with a flat surface.

Yes, 3M window films reduce glare which can irritate your eyes especially in the peak hours of the day. Window films reduce glare making it less dangerous especially when driving.

Yes if you choose a darker shade of film it can give you privacy.

You can do both, if you are patient you can wait in our designated seating area, watch Netflix or eve play a variety of games on our Play station 3 machine.

3M window films have a warranty of Up to 5 years and thus will last up to 5 years.

The best place to tint your car is naturally, ORANGE AUTO DUBAI.

No it is not possible to have your car tinted at your premises as we would require a closed off area that is dust free and temperature controlled.

This is due to the poor quality of film, usually dyed films get discolored fast.

3M window films all have between 97 and 99 percent UV rejection. It is very important to have UV rejection as it helps with preventing fading and discoloration of your interior and cracks especially if you have leather seats.

3M are the inventors of the window film and have been doing it for decades, tested and proven with the highest quality. 3M is the only company that produces metal free window films which does disrupt the navigation system in your car as well as your phones mobile signals.

Yes 3M window films is approved by the skin cancer foundation. Here is the link: Click here

It should take between 1.5 hours to 3 hours to tint your vehicle depending on the size of your car. If you have existing window film it may take up to 2 hours to remove your existing film depending on the size of the car.

The shop must have proper 3M signage otherwise 3M gulf would take it down along with fines to be applied. And no, 3M stickers on the glass entrance is not considered to be proper signage.

3M window films have up to 75 and even 80 percent heat rejection.

Car Polishing / Waxing

– To get your car shiiny and glossy like the showroom shine.
– Reduce paint defects
– Enhance gloss
– If you feel that the paint of your car has become dull, then you need a polish.
– If your glide your finger nail on the paint, and your nail gets stuck, then that means its beyond polishing and you need a paint job.

– Excessive poor car wash
– Weather conditions, such as parking under the sun
– Harmful UV rays
– Bird droppings
– Parking under tree, tree sap
– Liquid droppings that are acidic usually from underground parkings

– Car polish removes small imperfections on the paint, ie removes a thin layer off of the paint.
– While wax puts on a protective glossy layer on top of the vehicle, So car polishing is not the same as waxing, though the end of the polishing process is to apply wax. Or ceramic paint protection etc…

– We recommend that you wax your car 4 to 5 times a year , ofcourse it also all depends on how you take care of your vehicle.

– Do not wash at the shopping malls.
– Imagine you are taking a shower, whats the first thing you do? Turn on the water, and not just apply soap and sponge etc….
– Buy the right materials and cloths
– -make sure all clothes are cleaned thoroughly
– After care care is as important!

– A decent car polishing job should cost you a minimum of on average 600 AED an d it can go up to 3,000 AED depending on the condition of the paint.
– Proper polishing should take 1 day minimum and could even take up to 1 week!
– Yes a polishing job on a deal site for 100 AED will not be polishing, pay peanuts, get peanuts.

Paint Protection

Paint protection is nothing new, it has been around for more than 3 decades, also known as paint sealant. For the simple reason that it seals your paint protecting it from light scratches, different chemicals and harmful chemicals that can damage your paint or leave blemishes.

1. It keeps your cars paint looking fresh thus the paint doesn’t get oxidesed from the harmful UV rays and other harmful chemicals such as bird droppings and excessive bad carwashes.
2. Retains your car value, believe it or not , some used car showrooms spend 1,000 to 2,000 USD for a car polish and paint protection because they are able to sell the car better when its shining and it great looking condition.
3. Protects and reduces blemishes from road debris and bad/excessive car washes.

1. Usually when you purchase a new car that would be the best time.
2. When the condition on your paint is still good, meaning not many dents, scratches etc… as it can still be polished and restored then applied with paint protection. Best advice is to take it to a car care professional.

1. Usually when you purchase a new car that would be the best time.
2. When the condition on your paint is still good, meaning not many dents, scratches etc… as it can still be polished and restored then applied with paint protection. Best advice is to take it to a car care professional.

1. Paint protection film, the high end paint protection films come with self healing technologies which allows it to heal itself after impact. Downside is that 1, it can be pricey, 2 no matter which film you get, due to the technology the colour can slightly become yellowish, but very slightly, you will only notice it on white cars. A good example of this is on the Porsche panamera or Carrera, you will see near the side doors there is a plastic protection piece, this is the paint protection film.
2. Car wax is also a type of paint protection but only if you use the good quality ones, it protects your vehicles paint from the harmful UV rays but does not protect it from scratches and blmeshes, downside is that it needs to be applied every 2 to 3 months depending on the weather conditions and how often you wash your car.
3. Ceramic or silica paint protection, this is a layer which is applied to your vehicle and chemicaly bonds with the paint of your car creating a layer of protection. Benefits of this is that
a. it has long lasting qualities up to 5 years.
b. Protects against UV damage and oxidization, bird droppings
c. Resistant to road debris
d. Ease of cleaning as it has hydroponic qualities
e. Gives your vehicle high gloss

Ceramic paint protection is a special coating that is applied to your paint that chemically bonds creating a layer which protects your paint from debris, dirt, scratches, bird droppings and other chemicals.

1. Doesn’t protect from door dings and wont be bullet proof, yes your car is not a tank.
2. You will still need to wash your car.
3. Poor car wash will deteriorate it in less time

Depending on how many coats and layers is applied, it starts from 6 months up to 7 years.

Yes ceramic paint protection protects against scratches and stone chips.

Yes ceramic paint protection gives your paint hydroponic qualities which dramatically reduces if not eliminates water spots.

The ceramic coating is applied after your paint is prepared, ie a polishing job may need to be done first to prepare it for the protection coating.

Do not wash your car for atleast 2-3 days as the coating needs to bond with your paint. We recommend that you use high end materials to wash your vehicle such as proper branded car wash soap such as 3M, meguiars etc.. and to use microfiber towels when drying. Or take it to a manual car wash station.

Car Wash

You should use a manual car wash as it is less harmful for your paint. There is more care given to your car especially the paint with a manual car wash, thus the large rotating bristles on an automatic can easily harm your paint with scratches and swirl marks.

With the dusty climate in Dubai UAE, it is advised that you wash your car at least every other day.

A proper car wash usually takes between 45 minutes to one hour.

A steam machine uses high pressure steam to wash your vehicle in which even the hardest of stains especially under your vehicle can be removed and cleaned. A regular car wash may not be able to remove such stains.

A car wash may take just one hour to perform vs car detailing can take up to a whole day as the seats, flooring carpets and even air conditioning vents are cleaned.

Nothing, simply enjoy the fresh clean look of your car!

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