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Porsche is a German car brand famous for its sports car. Porsche is a premium luxury automobile brand that has been well-known in the automotive business. There are more than 12 variations of this car, including Boxster roadster, Turbo, and Spyder convertible variants as well as electric Porsche Taycan SUVs. The business creates a wide range of technologies that have enhanced safety, increased vehicle performance, and sparked environmental advancements. They focus on high-performance sedans, SUVs, and sports vehicles. Orange Auto provides repair and maintenance services for all Porsche models at reasonable prices.

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Porsche have always been inarguably one of the most wanted cars in the entire automobile market but what makes them such sought after cars? Porsche has a remarkable number of perks which include a powerful engine, stunning design and impressive safety systems. Such cars are prestigious and owning one, whether it is the 911, Cayman, Cayenne or Panamera, is impressive in the eyes of any person. But, Porsche’s cars are like any other in the sense that they need proper care and maintenance to keep them running at their maximum potential. Customers take their cars to dealerships but are met with unreasonable prices which in turn leads them to try finding the best place to service Porsche in Dubai.

Porsche Maintenance Services

Servicing or repairing a Porsche is no easy task and with lengthy waiting lists and soaring prices, as mentioned above, dealerships aren’t very helpful. Backstreet garages are an immediate threat to your car as their parts might be faulty or fake. This in turn results in even more damage to your car and more money being spent trying to fix it. In addition, these garages might have inexperienced technicians that do not know how to properly service your Porsche and you do not want someone inexperienced handling a car which you paid a hefty amount of money for.

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Where can Porsche owners find the perfect place to repair and service their car? Which place offers the best Porsche service in Dubai and reasonable prices? The answer to both these questions is Orange Auto repair shop. Equipped with the most experienced and skillful technicians, Orange Auto can properly repair and service your Porsche and offer advice on how to maintain it properly so you can always have your car looking and feeling brand new. In addition to amazing service, Orange Auto only offers you genuine parts to keep your car always operating efficiently.

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It is important that a professional examine your car to best understand the reason behind the vibration. Problems with the brake pads or brake disks could be reasons. Servicing them is relatively inexpensive and does not take very long to fix. Issues with your cars suspension, tire misalignment or uneven wear on your tires could also cause this problem.

Great importance should be given to the safety of your brake pads. We suggest they be inspected and potentially replaced every 6-8 months for best performance. Failure to replace them in a timely manner can result in the damage of the disk brakes which are expensive to repair and/or replace.

The most efficient and definitive way to understand the reason(s) why the check engine light is on is to have a professional connect a computer reader to your vehicle and decipher the error codes. With an issue as serious as this one, it is best to have a professional examine your Porsche as soon as possible.
Your Porsche can be overheating from a number of reasons including, leakage in the cooling system, a faulty water pump, a leak or damage to the radiator, or a blocked hose. Contact our call center to book an appointment to have it checked.
Reasons for misfiring could be from having a faulty spark plug and/or ignition coil. Defective spark plugs can reduce the efficiency of your vehicles fuel consumption. If you notice a large increase in cost of fuel, your car may be experiencing issues with faulty spark plugs.
Always check to see if oil has spilled from under the vehicle where it’s parked. If it has, this oil light turned on may be due to a leakage. If there are no signs of a leak, then the problem could be that you Porsche is burning oil internally. This could be due to not using the correct oil grade recommended for you car. It is best to have a professional assist you as soon as possible.
Your Porsche can be experiencing an AC gas leak. Additionally, your can can be experiencing problems with its condenser, evaporator or engine cooling fan. Because of Dubai’s warm climate, its best to have this checked with a professional to avoid any issues in the hot summer months.
Yes, it is very important to have your Porsche serviced and have its oil changed regularly and on time for best performance. Another option could be to get your oil changed prior to when it is due (around 1000 km earlier) to avoid any unnecessary problems or additional wait times.
The first thing to check is the health of your car battery because the delay in its start could be due to a weak battery. Typically, car batteries on Porsche’s have a lifespan of 2 – 3 years. It’s best to have your battery checked regularly to reduce any surprises or unexpected costs.

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