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Toyota is a Japanese brand of automobile cars. Toyota is one of the largest automobile manufacturers in the world, Approximately 70 distinct models, including sedans, coupes, vans, trucks, hybrids, and crossovers, are officially listed by Toyota as being offered under its brand name. Toyota is also one of the largest companies to support the mass market adoption of hybrid vehicles globally. But Toyota is said to be lacking in creativity and lagging behind in smart car technologies. Although Toyotas are frequently commended for their durability and high resale value, there are certain drawbacks and hazards to be aware of like flawed braking mechanisms, suspension problems, the fuel pump being broken, failures of water pumps, and a buildup of oil in the engine. Orange Auto can take care of all your Toyota repair and service requirements.

Toyota repair services in Dubai

Here are just a few services we can assist you with:

  • AC repair
  • Electrical repair
  • Mechanical repair
  • Toyota air filter service
  • Toyota oil change
  • Toyota engine repair and check
  • Toyota tire rotations
  • Gearbox repair
  • Brake replacement
  • Toyota hose replacements

In most cases, Toyota recommends that Toyota owners schedule a service appointment every six months or 5000 miles, whichever comes first.  

Scheduling regular service appointments and keeping Toyota service intervals to a minimum help maintain the longevity of your vehicle and can also help prevent maintenance issues down the road. So, come and set an appointment with us at Orange Auto. We assure you of our quality and dependable service, as always.

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Toyota Repair Services

For Toyota service in Dubai, you need mechanics who are technically trained and have years of experience identifying and fixing the issues that your vehicle is having. We use only genuine and authentic parts and accessories made only for Toyota. Our diagnostic systems will quickly spot issues and fix them for a reasonable price. We have 3M window tinting and paint protection services to restore your car to showroom condition. Whether you need parts, service, batteries, or, tires for your Toyota models – we got you at Orange Auto in Dubai. We offer preventive and repair services to cover all aspects of your Toyota vehicles ranging from battery change, oil and filter, tire change, wheel alignment, paint protection, and car detailing, for vehicles including pickups, large SUVs, small SUVs, and sedans. We source and use only genuine OEM parts that will ensure that your vehicle is in the best possible running condition.

Toyota Maintenance Services

Toyota recommends that you schedule your maintenance service every six months or every 5000 miles whichever comes first. The maintenance performed during each service appointment varies by vehicle model and year, driving conditions, and other factors that our trained technicians will evaluate. Recommended maintenance often includes services such as tire rotation, oil change, and inspection of wiper blades, brake pads, and fluid levels. The high temperatures and tough terrain are common challenges that motorists face in Dubai, and this is where Toyota’s reputation for quality is tested.

Best Toyota Garage

Here at Orange Auto, we pride ourselves on having the latest technology when it comes to Toyota service. Plus, we only use genuine parts in servicing your Toyota. Our team is composed of skilled technicians who will discuss with you areas of concern for your car when you visit our garage. Toyota models face issues like steering noise, vibrations, brake issues, and air conditioning systems. Orange Auto is a workshop and a good garage that will help in preventing a bigger problem with your Toyota.

Whats included in

Toyota Service Package

Toyota FAQs

Toyota's service includes general auto repair, preventative car maintenance, engine diagnostics, brake repairs, air filters, transmission service, struts and all fluid checks and corrections.

You should change the Toyota transmission fluid every 60,000 to 100,000 miles.

Toyota recommends that Toyota owners schedule a service appointment every six months or 5000 miles, whichever comes first.

One of the most common issues to have with a Toyota is the brakes.

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