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Free Range Rover Inspection / Health Checkup with every Service

Range Rover Repair Services

Celebrities ranging from the Queen of England to Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps own Range Rover SUVs. Range Rover vehicles are known for their beautiful interiors, power accessories, innovative electronics, powerful engines and classic exteriors. As one of the pioneers in offroad capability, Range Rover SUVs have the capability to go off-road, tow large loads and can accelerate at a really fast rate. Range Rover Evoque convertible recently won the “Industry Pioneer” Award at the 2017 MECOTY Awards.

Range Rover Maintenance Services

Range Rover vehicles are luxury vehicles with loads of character and the older models were as strong as tanks. You may be looking for the best range rover service in Dubai after your purchase. All Range Rover vehicles made after the early 1990s have an air suspension which make the ride comfortable and give them class leading ground clearance. This suspension system, however is known to fail after 5 to 10 years. Electrical issues, oil leaks and transmission problems are all quite common in older Range Rover models. With Range Rover vehicles having a reputation for needing expensive maintenance, repairs and parts you need to have access to excellent Range Rover service in Dubai if you own one.

Best Range Rover Garage

With offroading being a popular pastime in Dubai, Range Rover vehicles can be taken with complete confidence on all kinds of offroad trips. Before going on a long trip, ensure you take the vehicle in for Range Rover service in Dubai at a trusted garage like Orange Auto. The technicians who deal with the maintenance and repair of your Range Rover should be technically competent and familiar with common maintenance and repair issues that can trouble Range Rover vehicles. This is why you need to have on board a trusted garage like Orange Auto in Al Quoz which is staffed by technicians who are familiar with all generations of Range Rover from first-generation Range Rovers and P38As to the Range Rover Evoque of and Range Rover Sport of today. As a leading garage that offers a wide range of services including 3M tinting, paint protection, wheel alignment, tyre change services, A/C repair and brake and suspension, take Orange Auto on board as a trusted partner for all maintenance and repair needs for your beloved Range Rover.

Range Rover Minor Service

  • 15,000 Kms Range Rover Standard Maintenance Service
  • 45,000 Kms Range Rover Standard Maintenance Service
  • 75,000 Kms Range Rover Standard Maintenance Service

Range Rover Lube Service

Range Rover Engine Oil, Oil Filter, All Fluid Top-Up, Visual Inspection, Tire Rotation, Car Wash, Reset Service Interval in Display.

Range Rover Services

  • Range Rover battery check
  • Range Rover Engine Oil
  • Range Rover Oil Filter
  • Range Rover Fluid Top Up
  • Range Rover Visual Inspection
  • Range Rover Tire Rotation
  • Range Rover Car Wash
  • Range Rover Reset Service Interval in Display

Range Rover Major Service

  • 30,000 Kms Range Rover Maintenance Service with additional items
  • 60,000 Kms Range Rover Maintenance Service with additional items
  • 90,000 Kms Range Rover Maintenance Service with additional items
  • 120,000 Kms Range Rover Major Maintenance Service with additional items

Range Rover Lube Service

Range Rover Engine Oil, Oil Filter, All Fluid Top-Up, Visual Inspection, Tire Rotation, Car Wash, Reset Service Interval in Display.

Range Rover Services

  • Range Rover Change engine oil and replace filter
  • Range Rover Reset the Service Interval Indicator
  • Range Rover Reset engine oil level indicator
  • Range Rover Replace pollen filter
  • Range Rover Check condition of wiper blades
  • Range Rover Check battery condition
  • Range Rover Check / top up fluid levels (brake, power steering, windshield washer)
  • Range Rover Check / top up coolant level
  • Range Rover Check condition of accessory drive belt(s) and, if fitted, supercharger drive belt
  • Range Rover Change brake fluid: every 3 years
  • Range Rover Change engine coolant: every 10 years
  • Range Rover Replace spark plugs at 120000 Kms
  • Range Rover Replace air cleaner elements
  • Range Rover Replace accessory drive belt 150000 Kms
  • Range Rover Replace supercharger drive belt (supercharged vehicles): every 7 years
  • Range Rover Inspect brake pads for wear, calipers for leaks, and discs for condition
  • Range Rover Inspect tire pressures, condition, and tread depth
  • Range Rover Inspect exhaust system for leaks, security and damage
  • Range Rover Inspect for fluid leaks
  • Range Rover Inspect condition of driveshaft’s, suspension, and steering boots/gaiters
  • Range Rover Inspect fuel, hydraulic and fluid pipes, hoses and unions
  • Range Rover Replace all flexible brake hoses: every 6 years
  • Range Rover Replace fuel filter: every 10 years
  • Range Rover Change transmission fluid and filter: every 10 years
  • Range Rover Change rear locking differential oil
  • Range Rover Change front and rear axle oil (non-locking differential): every 10 years
  • Range Rover Change transfer box oil; replace drain and fill plugs and washers in 75000 Kms

Range Rover FAQs

  • Why do I feel a vibration when my car breaks?

    Problems with the disk brake or pads could be the main reasons for the vibration that you are feeling when your car breaks. If it is in fact an issue with the disk or pads, it is easy an easy and inexpensive problem to fix. Furthermore, have a professional also check for signs of tire misalignment or problems with your suspension.
  • How often should I change the brake pads on my Range Rover?

    Every part of your car should be serviced on time to avoid issues that could be prevented. Your brake pads included. If they are not serviced and check regularly, you could potentially damage your brake disks which is a costly problem to fix.
  • Why is the check engine light in my Range Rover turned on?

    Your Range Rover’s check engine light is turned on for a number of reasons. For this reason and to best pin point the problem, we recommend that a professional connect a computer to your vehicle to read the error codes. Rarely, the light could merely be due to a faulty sensor.
  • Why is my Range Rover overheating?

    Make an appointment with a professional to check and examine the cause of the overheating which could include but not limited to a blocked hose, a faulty water pump, and /or a leak in the cooling system or in the radiator.
  • My Range Rover is misfiring, why?

    If your Range Rover is misfiring, it could be due to having a faulty spark plug(s) and/or ignition coil(s). If this is the case, this will reduce the efficiency of your vehicles fuel consumption and you will see a rise in cost of your fuel.
  • Why is the low engine oil light on in my Range Rover?

    Before you take your car to be checked my a professional, see if there is oil residue on the ground under where you park your car. This information can be useful to determine the problem. If there is no sign of an oil leak, then your Range Rover may be burning oil internally which is a result of using the improper oil grade for your car. A professional can recommend the correct grade.
  • Why is my air conditioner not cooling properly and/or blowing out hot air?

    Have a professional check your car to see if the problem is due to the following issues, including an air conditioning gas leak, a problem with the condenser, evaporator or engine cooling fan. To avoid any major issues and prevent unnecessary costs, it is best to investigate this problem as soon as possible.
  • Why is it important to have the oil changed on time?

    We recommend that oil changes and full services be completed on time by a professional so your Range Rover continues to perform its best. It may even be suggested that your oil change be done not only on time but rather before it is due by approximately 1000km in order to keep your car running it’s best.
  • Why does my Range Rover take time to start?

    The delay in start time can be merely due to a weak battery. Since car batteries could potentially have a lifespan of 2 to 3 years, it is smart to have your battery checked regularly at every service to avoid major issues.