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Free Volkswagen Inspection / Health Checkup with every Service

Volkswagen is one of the biggest mass manufacturers of vehicles in the world and is locked in a close contest with Toyota to become the largest car manufacturer in the world. In keeping with this reputation, the company has a wide range of models from the compact Beetle to the spacious and luxurious Tiguan and Touareg SUVs. Dubai has one of the highest rates of car ownership in the world. The emirate also is known for its harsh terrain and climate that takes a heavy toll on vehicles. To overcome these challenges, ensure that you get the best Volkswagen service in Dubai so that your Volkswagen vehicle is always in the best possible condition.

Volkswagen Repair Services

There are many garages in Dubai, but you need a garage that will source genuine parts for your Volkswagen and is staffed by technicians who are knowledgeable about the latest repair techniques and diagnostic tools. Volkswagen is known for its quirky design and not all technicians will willingly taken on the task of fixing a Volkswagen. Power steering issues and oxygen sensor problems are commonly reported defects when it comes to Volkswagen service in Dubai.

Volkswagen Maintenance Services

When it comes to Volkswagen service in Dubai, we offer expert technicians, genuine parts, competitive prices, and a wide range of services including tyre change and oil change as well as complete detailing and 3M window tinting. The technicians at Orange Auto use only genuine parts and know your Volkswagen inside out. Mysterious rattles, oil leaks and engine lights have a way of disappearing once you bring your Volkswagen in to Orange Auto.

Best Volkswagen Garage

Our attention to detail and focus on preventive maintenance will keep your repair bills to a minimum, increase the joy of driving and extend the life of your Volkswagen vehicle. Volkswagen vehicles have a reputation for not being reliable, but with preventive maintenance and timely repairs, your Volkswagen will turn out to be a vehicle you can truly depend on.

Bring your car to Orange Auto and leave the rest to us. You can continue to enjoy your Volkswagen without any worries as long as you have Orange Auto on your side.

VW Minor Service

  • 15,000 kms Standard Volkswagen Maintenance Service
  • 30,000 kms Volkswagen Maintenance Service with additional items
  • 45,000 kms Volkswagen Standard Maintenance Service

VW Lube Service

Volkswagen Engine Oil, Oil Filter, All Fluid Top-Up, Visual Inspection, Tire Rotation, Car Wash, Reset Service Interval in Display.

VW Services

  • Volkswagen battery check
  • Inspect Volkswagen brake system and shock absorber for leaks and damage, check thickness of brake pads, brake disc condition front and rear. Look for contact pattern and corrosion of brake discs, and check brake fluid level subject to abrasion
  • Check tread depth, condition, wear pattern and pressure of all tires, including spares
  • Volkswagen Visual inspection body of vehicle for corrosion
  • Lubricate door checks and mounting pins
  • Check for leaks and damage from above in the engine and engine compartment components
  • Check (from below) for leaks and damage in the engine and engine compartment components, check transmission, final drive, and drive shaft boots
  • Check Volkswagen headlight adjustment
  • Check interior lighting and glove box lights, cigarette lighter / power outlets, horn, and all warning lamps
  • Check front and rear lights, luggage compartment lighting, turn signals, hazard warning lights
  • Check for excessive play and looseness,  in the tie rod ends and check boots
  • Check and observe expiration date on the tire filler bottle (This should be done every 2 years regardless of mileage of the VW)
  • Check tread depth, condition, wear pattern and pressure of all tires, including spares

VW Major Service

  • VW 60,000 Kms Major Maintenance Service with additional items
  • VW 120,000 Kms Major Maintenance Service with additional items

VW Lube Service

Volkswagen Engine Oil, Oil Filter, All Fluid Top-Up, Visual Inspection, Tire Rotation, Car Wash, Reset Service Interval in Display.

VW Services

  • Tyres
  • Inspect VW underbody sealant for damage
  • VW Spark Plugs
  • VW Engine Flush
  • Replacement of VW AC Filter Airfilter as per the condition
  • Check VW Condition of all Mountings
  • Check VW for leaks and damage in the CV joints
  • Check VW AC Condition
  • Check VW for leaks and damage in the CV joints
  • Replace dust and pollen filter (This should be done every 2 years regardless of mileageof the VW)
  • Replace VW fuel filter
  • Check VW oil level in the power steering
  • Check VW braking, kick down, steering, electrical, heating and ventilation systems, air conditioning, handling, and parking brake by test driving the vehicle


  • Why is it important to have my VW service / oil change done on time?

    It is not a luxury but a necessity for doing your car service. We recommend that you even get your oil change done not only on time but before it is due maybe by even a 1000 KM in order to have your car in top top condition.
  • Why is my VW AC not cooling properly or blowing out hot air?

    This can be caused by a number of issues such as AC gas leak, problem with the condenser, evaporator and even engine cooling fan. We recommend you have it checked out as it is a necessity in Dubai’s heat!
  • Do I have to change my brake pads on time or regularly for my Volkswagen?

    Yes it is extremely important because if you do not do it on time, it can lead to your brake disks getting damaged in the process which can be an expensive repair/replacement job. After all it is what makes your car stop!
  • Why is there a vibration when I am breaking with my VW Vehicle?

    There could be several problems that could cause a vibration, one common issue could be the brake pads or brake disks. Luckily this service is inexpensive and can be done in less than 2 hours. A suspension problem or even mis alignment, this may even cause further problems such as uneven wear on your tyres. Make sure to have a full comprehensive check of your VW.
  • Why is the check engine light on for my Volkswagen?

    The check engine indicator may urn on for a variety of reasons, a computer reader would be needed to hook up to your car in order to read the error codes. It could be something as small as a faulty sensor and if you’re not in good luck it could be something more serious. We always recommend that you have this looked at as soon as possible!
  • Why is my VW overheating?

    Overheating for the VW vehicles could be from a number of problems such as a leak in the cooling system, a blocked hose, faulty water pump, radiator leak or damage or something else completely. Call us as soon as possible if you have any doubt.
  • Why is my VW misfiring?

    The common cause for a misfire in most VW models is due to bad or faulty spark plugs and ignition coils. If you have bad spark plugs this reduces the efficiency of your fuel consumption. You should be seeing a rising cost of fuel per KM if you see this happening.
  • Why does my VW show low engine oil?

    The first thing you should do is to see if you have oil leaking in your parking spot. If not then you may be burning oil internally. This can be caused by not using the correct oil grade recommended for your vehicle. Otherwise have it check out ASAP!
  • Why does my VW take time to start?

    This usually happens due to a weak battery. Car batteries on VW’s usually last between 2 to 3 years. Have this checked regularly so that you don’t get stranded.