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The very name Mercedes signifies luxury motoring.  Mercedes is a brand that is as well-known in Dubai as in other parts of the world. A brand that belongs to German auto manufacturer, Daimler AG, Mercedes makes luxury cars, buses, trucks, and coaches. The company has a heritage going right back to 1886, when the company’s founder, Karl Benz made the first petrol-powered cars. True to the brand’s slogan, Mercedes has a reputation for quality and is one of the top automotive brands.  When it comes to Mercedes service in Dubai, Orange Auto should be one of the first names that must come to your mind.

Mercedes repair services in Dubai
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Mercedes Repair Services

With both the climate and terrain being quite a challenge for vehicles in Dubai, even Mercedes vehicles need regular checks and maintenance to keep them in the best possible condition. Every vehicle needs maintenance, so it's important to develop a service schedule that you can stick to. Our Mercedes-Benz repair workshop at Orange Auto in Al Quoz keeps your Mercedes in tip-top shape or restore with professional expertise, at the lowest possible cost. And with a warranty, too! We have trained technicians who are familiar with the complex electrical and mechanical systems of Mercedes models and are considered the leading experts in Mercedes service in Dubai. They can provide you with the support you need to keep your Mercedes vehicle on the road while ensuring that you travel with the highest level of comfort and safety. We make sure you are satisfied with our services and repair jobs.

Mercedes Services

The technicians will recommend the right tires and accessories, perform brake repair services, check your batteries, perform oil changes for Mercedes vehicles, and check and repair the AC system to keep you cool in the blazing Dubai heat. When it comes to the exteriors, Orange Auto’s vehicle protection, and 3M tinting will ensure that your Mercedes vehicle is always in good hands.

Best Mercedes Benz Garage

Mercedes has always had a reputation for quality and durability. To service and repair such vehicles, you need access to a trustworthy garage that will provide you with top-notch service. And when you are in Dubai, the best Mercedes service that you can get is from Orange Auto which will help you extend the life of your vehicle and minimize repair bills. Whether you drive a Mercedes car, truck, or SUV, our technicians will have your vehicle in showroom condition by the time you leave our workshop.

Mercedes Benz Vehicle Maintenance

Your Mercedes comes equipped with the Mercedes Maintenance System. The Maintenance system tracks the distance driven and the time elapsed since your last service. The maintenance service is indicated in the multi-function display in the instrument cluster. Approximately 1 month before a maintenance service is due, a message appears in the multi-function display. The message provides the remaining Kilometers or days until the next maintenance is due.

Mercedes-Benz Service Contract

When it comes to reliability and value retention for your Mercedes-Benz, your Orange Auto In Dubai is the first choice. We also offer service contracts so that you do not have to be confronted with unexpected bills and can relax knowing that qualified experts are never far away; a comprehensive online offering for you and your vehicle is also included. Thus, you are getting a clearer picture of what needs to be done.

The Mercedes-Benz Service Contracts, offer true peace of mind, tailor-made for you, to assure u of a quality service. Be it an extended warranty or a full-service contract. The Service Contract offers the right solution for every need and every budget, thus freeing you from additional workshop costs. It will all depend on your specific service contract.  We make sure we have no hidden charges. Everything about what we need to do with your car is laid out in the open. The service contract for your Mercedes-Benz assures you of quality every time – with the service of our specially trained workshop specialists and with Mercedes-Benz genuine parts.

Orange Auto in Dubai offers the following maintenance services and repair, all at affordable and reasonable prices:

  • Full Inspection & Diagnosis
  • Engine Diagnose, Repair & Refurbishment
  • Mercedes Transmission Repair
  • Mercedes Suspension Repair
  • Complete AC System Repair
  • Mercedes Software Programming, Updating, or Upgrading
  • Steering Repair
  • Mercedes Battery Check-up & Replacement
  • Chassis, Frame Diagnostics & Repair
  • Oil Change
  • 3M Car Detailing, Paint Protection, and Tinting
  • Tire Change & Rotation Service
  • Mercedes Dent Repair
  • Mercedes Interior Repairs (e.g. leather seats)
  • Mercedes Brakes Repair
  • Wheel Rim Restoration & Alignment
  • Nano Ceramic Paint
  • AlloyGator Wheel Rim Protector

Whats included in

Mercedes benz Service Package

Mercedes Benz FAQs

There may be several issues related to your Mercedes benz not starting. It can be from several things, a faulty starter, faulty battery, sensor fault, alternator not working, or even the timing belt fault. The best way to find out is to contact orange auto Dubai to find the problem

Replacing your Mercedes battery is a common mistake everyone does before it is too late. If you feel that your car takes time to start then it is an indication that you should change your Mercedes battery as soon as possible before you get stranded somewhere. Luckily at orange auto Dubai we perform a full diagnosis and checkup no matter what service you come in for

At orange auto we recommend that you do your oil change on time or even before it is due. We highly recommend this due to the high temperatures in Dubai and this keeps your investment work longer for you. If it is not done on time it could have a strain on your engine and in the long run cause you problems. The mileage for Mercedes is 10,000 Km to 15,000 KM.

With every service done at orange auto we provide you with a service history booklet in order for your to keep track of what service or repair has been done on your Mercedes benz along with repairs and recommendations. This also helps when you are selling your vehicle to give the next owner a piece of mind.

If you Mercedes is vibrating it could be from a number of issues. It is best to get it inspected with Us at orange auto but it can be from the following, cracked or broken suspension, brake pads worn out, engine or gear mountings need to be changed or even a simple issue such as replacement of your spark plugs.

The biggest neglected part of the vehicle is usually the AC filters; some models of Mercedes sometimes even have 2 filters that if not changed on time or regularly can result in a nasty smell coming from the AC which is not good for your health either.
Mercedes AC failure usually start coming up when you need it the most which is in the hot season. This can happen due to a variety of reasons, leak in your pipes, a refill of AC gas, faulty evaporator or condenser. This all can be inspected with orange auto to find out the exact problem with the Mercedes AC.

When replacing parts on Mercedes benz vehicles we give customers both options on Original Mercedes parts or high quality German after market parts such as Bosch. Original parts are always more expensive than the German quality aftermarket but both have the same performance.

Tyres on Mercedes benz vehicles is probably the most neglected item on the car. Tyre change should usually be done anywhere between 60,000 KM to 80,000 KM depending on the size and what is recommended by the tyre brand or every 3 years whichever one comes first. To be sure we recommend that you have your tyres inspected by our professionals

If you are looking to buy a used Mercedes Benz in Dubai we can perform a full inspection of the Mercedes to ensure that you are not buying a lemon and be faced with large repair bills later

As a general rule, we suggest you have your Mercedes serviced every 12 months, or every 10,000 miles, whichever comes first.

The cost of maintaining a Mercedes car depends on various factors. The car's model and condition will determine how far the maintenance and servicing must go.

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