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Orange Auto offers the best Infiniti repair services in Dubai and will fix your Infiniti for the long term. Visit our workshop for quality Infinity repair services in Dubai. Our specialists are happy to meet you as they have years of experience in dealing with many complex Infiniti issues and providing permanent repair solutions for your vehicle. Make a request to us and find the best man in your place. After a full inspection, we will provide a transparent report on any issues and fix them after approval. Enjoy hassle-free, competent and reliable Infiniti repair services in Dubai from Orange Auto.

Infiniti repair services in Dubai

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Infiniti Repair Services

The Infiniti service of Orange Auto in Dubai is second to none. You are assured of high-caliber services, skilled technicians, and a top-notch garage center that your Infiniti truly deserves. We ensure the quality and reliability that you would need at competitive prices. Here at Orange Auto, we guarantee a quality service like no other workshop. We take care of your Infiniti as if it's our own. We are after all after your excellent customer experience with us. So come and book an appointment with us now.

Infiniti Maintenance Services

Orange Auto has a well-trained staff that can perform minor and major services for your Infiniti in no time. We perform Infiniti car service with a twenty-point checkup to ensure your car runs smoothly on the road. Our dedicated Infiniti service center is designed to give you quality service by providing you with genuine Infiniti OEM parts, skilled technicians and all of these for a reasonable price. We train our skilled technicians to provide knowledgeable and personalized services. Our services will be discussed with you thoroughly with suggestions and inputs on how to maintain your car better. We offer a competitive price in our workshop, aside from letting you know what repairs or services we will conduct. This way you will know the expenses you will incur with your Infiniti upfront, with no hidden charges. You can have your Infiniti car service in Dubai done on the same day. We have a special waiting area especially for women to make you feel comfortable while waiting. Infiniti should be well maintained to enjoy its maximum car potential.

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Orange Auto Dubai provides high-quality workmanship at a fraction of what the dealership would charge you to give you peace of mind without compromising on quality. We work with all the major high-end brands such as Mobil 1, Bosch, 3M, Meguiars, Icer, Pirelli, Bridgestone, Yokohama, Valeo, Hengst etc., to ensure that you get to your destination on time. Orange Auto Dubai is a five-star service garage offering from major to minor Infiniti repair services.

Infinity maintenance services based on miles covered

Service Intervals: Every 3,750 miles or 3 months

  • Change engine oil.
  • Change the engine oil filter.
  • Check and top off all fluid levels.
  • Complimentary car wash.
  • Inspect cooling.
  • Check tires for tread depth, wear and set tire pressure.
  • Lube all door and hood hinges.
  • Perform 27-point maintenance inspection.

Service Intervals: Every 7,500 miles or 6 months

  • Replace engine oil, filter, and gasket.
  • Perform Computerized Diagnostic service.
  • Inspect front and rear brakes for wear.
  • Check and top off all fluids.
  • Inspect and clean battery terminals We train our staff and cables.

Major maintenance for service intervals of every 30,000 / 60,000 / 90,000 miles 

  • Replace engine oil, filter, and gasket.
  • Check and top off all fluid levels.
  • Replace Wiper Inserts.
  • Perform fuel service.
  • Adjust drive belt tension.
  • Test alternator operation
  • Lubricate the propeller shaft (when applicable)

Aside from the maintenance services, we offer a wide range of repair services:

  • Complete inspection and computer diagnostics
  • AC repair 
  • Infiniti air filter service
  • Infiniti brakes repair
  • Infiniti engine oil change 
  • Infiniti engine repair services
  • Suspension and transmission repair
  • Electrical and mechanical repairs

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Infiniti FAQs

An average annual Infiniti repair cost could be around 2,400 AED. Repair and maintenance costs vary depending on the age, location, and mileage.

The average annual maintenance cost for an Infiniti is $638, which means it has above-average ownership costs.

Some of the most common Infiniti problems reported are airbag indicator lights, engine stalling and engine cooling, and electrical systems.

Infiniti needs a tune-up every 7,500 miles or at least once a year, whichever comes first.

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