Fleet Services

Orange Auto offers a reliable fleet auto maintenance service for companies operating small, medium and large vehicles. We service wide-ranging vehicle sizes, including Passenger/SUV cars such as taxi and rental cars as well as vans and trucks such as delivery vans, shuttle vans and even transport trucks. We take pride in our knowledgeable and experienced staff combined with our state-of-the-art fleet maintenance system that fully set us apart from other companies offering this service.

Best Fleet Services in Dubai

Affordable, Fast

We help you get started in less than 30 minutes

Fleet Registration

Priority service at dedicated Fleet Registration desks.

Fleet repair and maintenance services

Fleet Management System

Allows businesses to track periodic vehicle maintenance inspections.

Feel Free to Reach out

Our services are available throughout the week

Detailed Reporting

Evaluating the car’s cost value based on market conditions.

Special offers

Take Benefit of limited-time Offers, Discounts, and Deals.

Orange Auto Fleet Services Portfolio

Our goal is to help maintain the performance of your vehicles and keep them in excellent condition for extended periods, cut down on your staffing requirements for maintenance and individual examination of the vehicles, limit the contribution of your vehicles on air pollution and global warming, reduce accidental damage and other related mishaps, offer a quick delivery service to your customers, improve the latent prospects of your business, and squeeze out more profit for your business.

Here at Orange Auto, we offer a huge array of auto services to our fleet customers such as:









Car Wash

For fleet inquiries please contact: Mr. Hamid Moaref: +971 52 9059699

Why choose Orange Auto

Quality Assurance

Our service network comprises of the finest garages in the UAE. They're also equipped with the best who mechanics specialise in all makes and models to give the best service for your car.


With pickup and delivery, our hassle-free process makes car maintenance much more convenient for you.


Place utmost reliance on our dedicated service advisors who’ll guide you through the entire service process.