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Free Jeep Inspection / Health Checkup with every Service

Jeep Repair Services

Every motorist, whether you are an off-roading enthusiast or prefer the main roads, is familiar with the automobile brand Jeep. Jeep has specialized in making phenomenal SUV’s for 70 years and has received numerous awards on many of its products. With a range of SUV’s to pick from, such as the Wrangler, Grand Cherokee, etc., a Jeep has been known to withstand the elements and harsh conditions of any country whether it be on or off the road. As well as produced some of the most durable SUV’s in the market, Jeeps can be customized to their owner’s preferences. This in turn makes owners feel more satisfied with their car. However, with such vehicles going off-road, maintenance is inevitable. If not modified or repaired properly these cars would receive more harm than good. To avoid this problem completely you must find the best place to service Jeep in Dubai.

Jeep Maintenance Services

Servicing such vehicles requires professionals who have worked on such SUV’s and are experienced in handling them. You don’t just want any service center as some of them may cause further damages to your car resulting in more time and funds being spent to fix it. You must go to a garage with a professional staff and well-qualified technicians. Where am I able to find such a garage with all these perks? Orange Auto is your leading option. With their spectacular service and impressive staff, Orange Auto brags of the finest servicing through all of Dubai. Their technicians are experienced in the handling of American-made SUV’s and will offer the best possible service. In addition to the brilliant service, Orange Auto will get the job done quicker and more efficiently than any other place so you can get back onto the main roads, or even off the road, in the fastest time possible.

Jeep Minor Service

  • 15,000 kms Standard Jeep Maintenance Service
  • 30,000 kms Jeep Maintenance Service with additional items
  • 45,000 kms Jeep Standard Maintenance Service

Jeep Lube Service

Jeep Engine Oil, Oil Filter, All Fluid Top-Up, Visual Inspection, Tire Rotation, Car Wash, Reset Service Interval in Display.

Jeep Services

  • Jeep battery check
  • Jeep Engine Oil
  • Jeep Oil Filter
  • Jeep Tire Rotation (If Size Same for All Four Wheels)
  • Jeep Visual Inspection
  • Jeep Car Wash
  • Jeep Computer Reset Maintenance Interval

Jeep Major Service

  • Jeep 60,000 Kms Major Maintenance Service with additional items
  • Jeep 120,000 Kms Major Maintenance Service with additional items

Jeep Lube Service

Jeep Engine Oil, Oil Filter, All Fluid Top-Up, Visual Inspection, Tire Rotation, Car Wash, Reset Service Interval in Display.

Jeep Services

  • All Standard Services +
  • Jeep Check the Fluid Levels of The Coolant Reservoir, Brake Master Cylinder, Power Steering and Automatic Transmission, And Fill as Needed
  • Jeep Rotate the Tires. Rotate at The First Sign of Irregular Wear, Even If It Occurs Before the Oil Indicator System Turns On.
  • Jeep Inspect Battery and Clean and Tighten Terminals as Required
  • Jeep Inspect Automatic Transmission Fluid If Equipped with Dipstick
  • Jeep Inspect Brake Pads, Shoes, Rotors, Drums, Hoses and Park Brake
  • Jeep Inspect Engine Cooling System Protection and Hoses
  • Jeep Inspect Exhaust System
  • Jeep Inspect Engine Air Cleaner If Using in Dusty Off-Road Conditions
  • Jeep Inspect Engine Air Cleaner If Using in Dusty Off-Road Conditions
  • Jeep Inspect the CV/Universal Joints.
  • Jeep Inspect Front Suspension, Tie Rod Ends, And Replace If Necessary.
  • Jeep Inspect the Front and Rear Axle Fluid.
  • Jeep Inspect the Brake Linings, Replace as Necessary
  • Jeep Adjust Parking Brake on Vehicles Equipped with Four Wheel Disc Brakes.
  • Jeep Adjust Parking Brake on Vehicles Equipped with Four Wheel Disc Brakes.
  • Jeep Replace Engine Air Cleaner Filter At Every 2000 Kms
  • Jeep Replace Air Conditioning/Cabin Air Filter At Every 20000 Kms
  • Jeep Replace Spark Plugs Every 100000 Kms
  • Jeep Replace Engine Coolant At 100000 Kms
  • Jeep Change the Automatic Transmission Fluid and Filter At 120k Kms
  • Jeep Change Front and Rear Axle Fluid in Every 40k Kms
  • Jeep Inspect and Replace PCV Valve If Necessary, At 100k Kms

Jeep FAQs

  • Why does my jeep vibrate when I break?

    Brake pads and brake disks need to be well functioning or you will feel vibrations when you brake. Pads and disks can be easily fixed or replaced and are also inexpensive if dealt with early. We suggest a professional also check for problems with your suspension of signs of tire misalignment. A complete check is always check is always recommended.
  • How often should i change the brake pads on my Jeep?

    Your brake pads are important and should always be kept in good condition. If they are not well maintained, you could risk damaging your brake disks which are costly to repair or replace.
  • Why does the check engine light turn on on my jeep?

    When the check engine light turns on in your Jaguar, we recommend a professional connect a special computer to your car and have it read the error codes to accurately understand the cause. A faulty sensor could also be the reason for the light being turned on but to know this, a professional should check to know for sure.
  • Why is my Jeep overheating?

    This is an issue that should get immediate attention. A professional should check your Jaguar to best understand the exact cause of the overheating, which could include, but are not limited to, a blocked hose, a faulty water pump, or a leak in the cooling system or in the radiator.
  • My jeep is misfiring, why?

    Check with a professional to see what is causing the misfiring. Most commonly, it could be caused by a faulty spark plug(s) and/or ignition coil(s). If you discover that it is due to a bad spark plug, it will reduce the efficiency of your vehicles fuel consumption and you should be seeing a rise in cost of your fuel.
  • Why do I see the low engine oil on on my jeep?

    Check to see if there are any signs of an oil leak where you regularly park your Jaguar. If there are no signs of a leak, then the light may be caused by the your car burning oil internally. A professional can recommend a car oil that is best suitable for your model to eliminate any future problems with the engine light.
  • Why is the air conditioner blowing out hot air and not cooling properly on my jeep ?

    We recommend that a professional check for the following issues that could be causing this, including a problem with the condenser, an air conditioning gas leak, or a broken evaporator or engine cooling fan. It is best to deal with this issue immediately to continue comfortable driving conditions and avoid unnecessary costs.
  • Why is it important to have the oil changed on my Jeep on time?

    Full services and oil changes should always be completed on time because your car relies on it for good all around performance. Furthermore, due to its importance, we even ask that car owners consider having their oil changed before it is due by approximately 1000 KM in order to keep it in top condition.
  • Why does it take time for my Jeep to start?

    An old or weak battery could be the cause of a delay in its start. Since car batteries typically have a lifespan of roughly 1 to 2 years, it is best that a professional always check the status of your battery at every service.