Residential and Commercial Tinting

3M window Film Tinting for your House, Home, Villa, Apartment or Office

During the warmer months in Dubai your home or office may feel very hot in Dubai, especially if your premises is having a lot of direct sunlight coming through. 3M window tinting films is the best solution for your home or office as it drastically reduces the amount of heat as well as blocking 99.9 percent of harmful UV rays. The 3M window films protect your carpets and other furniture from fading due to the UV rays. We deliver the best in class residential and office window tinting at reasonable price. 
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Increase Safety

Natural disasters and accidentscan be a major problem for your windows whether it is for your commercial office or your home. This film prevents shattered glass from flying everywhere along with providing an extra layer of security. Many major outlets and banks use this type of window film.

Increase safety with tinting

Strong Security Feature

The guests, customers and clients that you have will want to feel safe and secure whether they are in your residential home or office or retail store outlet. The strong security film protects your property from bomb explosions, threats, break ins and other types of unauthorized entry to your property which would protect your data information, merchandise and goods.

Tinting for commercial purposes

Increase Comfort

3M commercial and residential window films keeps you and your loved ones more comfortable in your home or office in the long term by highly reducing heat and harmful UV rays that would damage your furniture, goods and other assets and reducing glare.

Reduce heat with window tinting

Save Energy and Money

Are your Dewa bills really high especially during the hot summer months? You can see a decrease in your Dewa bills with 3M window films as it reduces the amonth of heat coming through your windows thus your AC’s will be using less energy to cool down your property. Energy saving and reduction of your utility bills is just one of the long termbenfits of 3M window films.

Increase comfort with window tinting

Improve Décor and Privacy

You can have an enhanced privacy feature especially for your office or meeting rooms with this type of 3M window film without sacrificing light.

Residential window tinting

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