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Audi is a German brand that has a strong reputation for making luxury cars that combine performance with style. Audi makes passenger cars and SUVs. It is a brand that is known for its heritage in motorsports and has derived its innovative technologies, including the well-known Quattro system form, and its expertise on the track. The combination of Quattro and modern technology like the MMI infotainment system provide Audi with hours of driving pleasure in Dubai. It’s hard to beat an Audi feeling for its roadworthiness, power, and sheer “joy of driving”.

When you purchase an Audi you do not just become a proud owner of this luxurious car,  but along with it comes the knowledge that even though Audi is a prized possession, they have common maintenance issues, unique only to Audi. 

When you need Audi service and repair in Dubai, trust this luxurious car with the fine team at Orange Auto. Well, it’s only right that vehicles of such prestige get attention from automotive specialists who understand and appreciate them, right? 

In addition to oil and inspection servicing and depending on your particular car several other items require replacement at specific times or distances such as air/pollen/fuel filter, spark plugs, brake fluid and transmission oil.  

Orange Auto in Dubai offers the following maintenance services and repairs, all at affordable and reasonable prices:

  • Audi brake repairs
  • Electrical systems
  • Mechanical repairs
  • Audi engine repair
  • Audi suspension & transmission repair
  • Audi routine maintenance
  • Audi battery replacement
  • Battery check
  • Audi dent repair
  • Audi air conditioning service
  • Audi oil filter change 

Keep your Audi always in running condition, don’t hesitate to come and visit us, so you’ll have absolute peace of mind. This will let you enjoy your Audi to its fullest. Schedule your appointments with us now!

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Audi Repair Services

Sometimes, you might need a minor repair with your Audi or a major overhaul due to accidents or just getting your old Audi ready for long travel ahead. Whether an extensive full repair service or just a minor fix-up, worry no more, we got you! Here at Orange Auto, a dealer alternative Audi service center, we will restore your Audi to its former glory and performance.

Audi Maintenance Services

We typically recommend booking your Audi in for a service every 9,300 miles or every 12 months, or whichever occurs first. This is also the right time to have your filter and oil changed. For minor maintenance procedures such as oil, filters, and inspection, the typical Audi expense is between AED 734 and AED 1101 per 10,000 miles. Larger mileage intervals may necessitate costly maintenance procedures, such as transmission services, which can cost up to AED 3213. We provide one-stop convenience for maintenance and the confidence that no one is better equipped to maintain your Audi than us at Orange Auto. We have efficient, well-trained, and accredited technicians who are up to date on Audi’s latest and most advanced engine technologies. Our workshop has an extensive range of Genuine Audi Parts and is equipped with advanced tools and equipment. What's more, all our services follow strict laboratory-tested guidelines. These include service procedures specially designed so that the work needed to maintain your vehicle’s reliability, roadworthiness, and value is performed exactly when it is needed.

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Audi models are known for the best interiors and these need specialists in interior care in Dubai like Orange Auto. You need to protect the interiors from the extremes of climate in Dubai with good quality tinting services like the 3M tinting we offer at Orange Auto. Off-road driving is a popular pastime in Dubai and going off-road with Audi vehicles is not an issue at all provided proper Audi service is carried out at a trusted garage in Dubai.

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Audi FAQs

When you brake and feel the vehicle vibrating, it may be due to problems with the brake pads or brake disks. Having them serviced is inexpensive and can be done relatively quickly. Other reasons for the vibration could be from your suspension, misalignment in your tires or uneven wear on your tires. It’s best that a professional examine your car to pinpoint the problem and best resolve it.

To avoid any unforeseen problems, brake pads should be replaced often. We recommend changing them every 6-8 months. Changing your brake pads too late can lead to damaged disk brakes which are costly to repair or replace.

The check engine light turns on when there is a problem, but it is not clear what that is until a computer reader is connected to your Audi and the error codes are deciphered by a professional. This should be done as soon as possible to avoid any serious problems.

Much like the other warning signs, overheating is a problem that requires immediate attention. It can be caused by a leakage in the cooling system, a faulty water pump, a leak or damage to the radiator, and/or a blocked hose. It is best that your Audi be examined by a professional so you can best resolve the issue.

It is important that you have a professional check your spark plugs and ignition coil for any issues as they are the most common reasons for misfiring. Faulty spark plugs can affect the efficiency of your vehicles fuel consumption. An indicator of faulty spark plugs can be a rise in the cost of your fuel.

You can rule out the chance there is an oil leak by checking to see if there is oil spilled where the car is parked. If oil has spilled, there is a good chance the engine oil light is from a leak. Conversely, if there is no leak, the problem could be that you Audi is burning oil internally. To avoid this, it is important that the correct oil grade recommended for your car is used.

Your Audi could be experiencing a gas leak in the AC, or a problem with its condenser, evaporator or engine cooling fan. This is an issue that should be examined by a professional to avoid any uncomfortable drives in the hot months of the year.

To maintain performance, it is important to have your servicing and oil changes completed regularly and on time. Another option could be to get your oil changed 1000 km before it is due to avoid any unnecessary car problems.

The first thing to check is the car battery. Since car batteries in Audi’s have a lifespan of 2 – 3 years, it’s best to have your battery checked regularly and replaced in a timely manner to reduce any surprises or unexpected costs.

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