How much does Car
Polishing Cost in Dubai?

A dirty-looking car reflects the driver’s personality. If you are no longer confident about how your car exterior looks because of the dirt, scrapes, and scratches on it, then you have to start looking for a reliable auto care center that offers excellent car polishing service. Now, the question is, ‘how much does car polishing cost in Dubai?’.


In this emirate, the cost of car polishing usually ranges from AED 300 to AED 600, and that depends on the car’s condition, the garage, and the products used. But before you take your car anywhere for polish, you have to know first a few things about this service.

Car polish eliminates grease, grime, dirt, scrapes, and scratches from automobile paint. It is a car detailing product that comes in various forms such as creams, sprays, and liquids. A number of polishes contain solvents such as turpentine that clean the auto paint and eliminate impurities from it to enable the shine to show through. While it is true that car polish can be used before waxing, car wax must never be used before polishing as it will seal in dirt and impurities rather than eliminate them as polish does. Also, nothing beats the use of soft cloth in car polishing. Some garages use an electric polisher to apply the polish, but most experts don’t recommend this as it often eliminates too much surface material and expose the undercoat.

Orange Auto is a highly reliable garage in Dubai that will take care of your car polishing needs. It uses top-quality 3M brands to bring out the best in your car and live up to your expectations. For only AED 450, your car exterior will look good as new.