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Kenda has been in the tire business from 1962 and has a manufacturing footprint that extends across factories in Taiwan, China and Vietnam. Kenda tyres have become popular in Dubai as the brand has tyres for a wide range of vehicles ranging from bicycles to passenger cars and light trucks. Kenda tires are strong enough to be used in drifting and offroading as they offer good traction.

Kenda tires Dubai is represented in the MENA region by Varga Trading LLC, based in Dubai. In view of the high popularity of offroading and drifting in Dubai, Kenda will seek to popularize its drift tyres like KR 20A which offer high levels of traction and are particularly suitable for drifting and offroad use. This is why it is supporting drifting teams like Lunatics by Nature,which are highly popular in Dubai.
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The company has evolved over the years to come up with products that are notable for their innovative technology due to the company’s focus on research and development. To strengthen its focus on research and get access to the best talent available, Kenda has opened technical research centers in Europe and in the United States. Hence, Kenda now has a range of high-performance tires that are as good as the tires from leading brands in Dubai tire market. Kenda’s US subsidiary, American Kenda Rubber Industrial Co. Ltd. will be shortly launching an all-season ultra-high-performance tire, the Z-rated Vezda UHP A/S KR400 in spring this year.

Kenda tires in Dubai which are available for both summer and winter use are extensively tested on proving grounds in Spain, United Kingdom and Finland to ensure that they meet the highest safety standards and are a good fit for customer requirements.

Kenda tires Dubai is also well known for actively supporting sporting events, teams and personalities like the renowned drifter and Dubai based DJ Dany Neville. In the United States, Kenda supports famous teams like the Brooklyn Nets in the United States. Recently, Kenda Tires has also been named as the official sponsor of the off-road driving experience, VORE Adrenaline compound considering the event to be another platform for highlighting the durability and performance of its light truck and ultra-high performance tyres.

When it comes to its presence in the market, Kenda tires are distributed all over the world including key markets like Middle East, Europe and North America. The company last year has joined hands with two family owned companies, Theocarakis S.A. in Greece and France based MPSA Groupe MASSA to expand its presence in Europe.

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