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Signs You Need to Change Your Power Steering Fluid

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When to change the power steering fluid

Maintaining a vehicle requires diligent attention, particularly with the regular monitoring and replacement of vital fluids that are essential for its optimal performance. Among these, power steering fluid is of paramount importance, serving as the lifeblood of your car’s steering system. Like any other component, this fluid is prone to degradation over time due to factors like heat, friction, and contamination, ultimately necessitating its replacement for ensuring smooth and responsive steering. In today’s blog, we’re going to explore the critical signs that indicate it’s time to change your power steering fluid.

Understanding Power Steering Fluid

Before exploring the signs that indicate a need for changing your power steering fluid, it’s crucial to understand its role in your vehicle. This fluid is instrumental in ensuring the smooth operation of the steering system, significantly reducing the effort needed to turn the wheels. In addition to facilitating ease of movement, power steering fluid serves to lubricate and cool the components of the power steering system. This dual function not only enhances the system’s efficiency but also contributes to the longevity of its parts.

Expanded Key Signs to Watch Out For

Difficulty Steering

If you find it suddenly hard to turn the steering wheel, especially at lower speeds, it could be a sign of low or old power steering fluid. The steering might feel sluggish or stiff, indicating the fluid is not providing adequate lubrication.

Noises When Steering

A whining or squealing noise when you turn the steering wheel is a common sign of power steering fluid issues. This noise usually indicates the fluid is low, but it can also mean the fluid is old and losing its effectiveness.

Foaming or Discoloration of Fluid

Checking the power steering fluid regularly can reveal changes in its condition. If the fluid appears foamy or has changed color (typically to a dark, burnt color), it’s a clear sign that it needs to be changed.

Leakages in the Power Steering System

Any signs of leakage around the power steering pump or reservoir can indicate a problem. While this could be due to a leak in the system, it can also suggest that the fluid inside has degraded and is causing corrosion or damage to the components.

Vibrations in the Steering Wheel

Experiencing vibrations in the steering wheel while idling or driving at low speeds can be a sign of old or contaminated power steering fluid. This can happen when the fluid is unable to flow smoothly through the system.

Enhanced Preventive Measures and Maintenance Tips

  • Regular Checks: Make it a habit to regularly check the power steering fluid level and its quality. This should be an integral part of your routine vehicle maintenance. Pay attention to any changes in the fluid’s appearance or odor, as these could be early signs of degradation.


  • Fluid Replacement Intervals: Refer to your vehicle’s manual for the manufacturer’s recommended intervals for changing the power steering fluid. Generally, it’s suggested to change the fluid every 50,000 to 100,000 miles, although this may vary based on your vehicle’s make and model. Following these guidelines can help avoid issues related to aged or contaminated fluid.


  • Quality of Fluid: Always use the power steering fluid type recommended by your vehicle’s manufacturer. Using an incorrect fluid can harm the system, reducing its effectiveness and potentially damaging seals and other components.


  • Professional Inspection: If you observe any of the warning signs previously discussed, seek a professional inspection. An experienced mechanic can accurately diagnose the problem and advise whether a fluid change or more comprehensive repair is necessary. Regular checks by a professional can detect problems early, preventing expensive repairs in the future.

Ensuring Optimal Vehicle Performance with Orange Auto

Proper maintenance of your power steering fluid is essential for the optimal performance and safety of your vehicle. By staying vigilant with regular checks, timely fluid replacements, and professional inspections, you can ensure your car remains reliable and efficient. If you’re seeking expert assistance, Orange Auto is your go-to car garage in Dubai, offering top-notch services and guidance for all your automotive needs. Visit us at Orange Auto for personalized care and professional support to keep your vehicle in its best condition.

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