What Affects My Car Warranty in Dubai?

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What Affects My Car Warranty in Dubai?
What Affects My Car Warranty in Dubai?

A car may be one of the most expensive purchases you make in your life. It is done after a good deal of thought and research and after getting plenty of advice from friends. As in the case of most big purchases, it would be natural to ask, “What affects my car warranty in Dubai?”

We need to think about the terms of the warranty, its duration and what it would cover when we purchase a car. As in any other part of the world, when you buy a new car in Dubai from a manufacturer’s authorized dealer, the dealer would offer a two, three year or sometimes five-year warranty period or a certain mileage within which the company would provide bumper to bumper coverage for the customer against any defects in the car’s materials or workmanship.

During this period, provided that all service checks and maintenance is carried out at the factory recommended service intervals and at the authorized service center, repairs would be done for a nominal charge that covers parts, consumables and labor charges. Only genuine parts from the manufacturer would be used for carrying out repairs. Generally, all electrical and mechanical components of the vehicle would be covered under the terms of the warranty.

The warranty is void if the car has not been serviced at regular intervals and has been misused or mishandled in any manner.

Many companies here now offer extended warranty and service contracts that free customers from the hassle of huge and unexpected repair bills. For a fixed fee, these plans would cover a wide range of maintenance services and would increase the longevity of the vehicle by ensuring that when it comes to your vehicle, only genuine OEM parts would be used. Most dealers offer customers a range of service contracts that they can choose from depending on their needs.

If your vehicle’s warranty has expired or you do not have an extended service contract, your best bet would be to find a trustworthy garage in Dubai that offers service and maintenance checks by trained technicians at reasonable rates. There are many such garages, especially in the Al Quoz area that offer you such services and genuine parts without costing the earth. Please read our article on finding a reliable garage (https://orangeauto.ae/finding-a-reliable-and-honest-service-garage-in-dubai/) to learn more about finding a garage to suit your needs.