3M Tinting in Dubai

People from Dubai United Arab Emirates are well aware of the risks of being caught worried in the hot weather. While we utilize a variety of techniques to maintain a cool temperature, one of the most important things you can do is install 3M  window tinting in your car to make it comfortable for daily use in the hot summer sun. Dubai automobile owners will discover that 3m car tinting  is the most efficient approach to avoid the sun’s intense and damaging UV rays from infiltrating the environment of your car, keeping it cool and comfortable.

Why 3M Car Tinting Required in Dubai?

3M car tinting and  3M window film tinting provide more than just expectations. There are multiple advantages to applying 3M tinting for vehicles. The main advantage of putting  window car tinting for vehicles is that it helps to reduce fuel consumption. By keeping a colder climate, the energy needed by the air conditioners in the car is decreased, which aids in controlling fuel consumption. Furthermore, even on a hot warm summer day, you can stay cool in your vehicle for longer durations by applying 3m tinting in Dubai.

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Types of 3M Window Car Tinting

As previously mentioned, a proper 3M car window tinting is quite capable of blocking the sun’s rays and Ultraviolet radiation. Other qualities, like heat retention, can be obtained depending on the level of tinting used. Drivers prefer to install 3M tinting on their cars because of the high intense climate in the UAE. The following are the most frequent types of 3M tinting in Dubai, UAE.

Crystalline Window Tint

Crystalline series window tinting films are the high-end film from 3M tinting which has the highest heat rejection and protection from the sun. 3M Crystalline film uses multilayer optical film nanotechnology, which is one of the best automobile tintings with superior protection which helps against UV rays that can damage your car’s interior. There are more than 6 different shades to choose from.

3M Color Stable Series Window Tint

Color stable series window films tint from 3M tinting is the mid-range product that offers excellent heat rejection at a reasonable price that also uses nano carbon multilayer technology which help to reduce heat rejection. The ultra-rich nano carbon material comes with 5 years warranty that won’t turn purple which maintains protection. All 3M tints are metal free that won’t interfere with your Mobile phone or any other electronic signals.

3M FX series window film

The 3M FX series window film tint is the entry-level film from 3M tinting that comes with 2 years warranty against fading, peeling, or color change. All 3M window films come with 99 percent UV rejection that is approved by the US skin cancer society foundation. Compared to many other dyed films this range is friendly to your car’s heat rejection health as well as your pocket. It is great value for money when you want to tint your car.

Ceramic Window Tint

A ceramic window tint is a good option for people looking for high-quality 3M tinting in dubai. This tint comprises ceramic particles that may filter up to 50% of solar heat and 100% of UV radiation. Ceramic tints’ non-conductive and non-metallic features provide great vanishing resistance while shielding the glass from discoloration.

3M car window tint shades

Benefits of 3M Tinting in Dubai

Protection from Heat and UV Rays

Dubai witnessed soaring temperatures in summer, right up to 50 degrees Celsius. 3M Tinting in Dubai minimizes the effect of heat and protects motorists and their passengers from harmful UV radiations that have been identified as one of the leading causes of skin cancer. They can also damage the upholstery of cars, causing them to fade and age with time.

Reduced Fuel Consumption

A lot of fuel, up to five percent based on industry research, is used up to keep the vehicle’s air conditioner going. 3m car window tinting can reduce the strain on the air conditioning system by reducing the internal temperature and this, in turn, can reduce fuel consumption.

Reduces Glare

Glare from the sun can obstruct the vision of the motorist while driving, especially if you are driving in the direction of the sun. A tint job minimizes glare, reduces strain on the eyes, and reduces the risk of accidents.

Enhances Safety

Normal glass shatters into small pieces upon impact in the event of an accident. These shards of glass can cause grievous harm. After tinting is done, the tint film holds the shattered glass together to prevent the scattering of shards in the immediate area. This also works as a highly effective measure against theft of your belongings in which a smash-and-grab approach is relied upon.

Improves Privacy and Security

The dark 3M tinting in Dubai keeps people from seeing you and your passengers. Inside the vehicle, your personal assets and other items are hidden sufficiently from the hungry eyes of masked robbers. You can leave your automobile unguarded on a city street with greater confidence because you are significantly less likely to be robbed than if you have valuables on display.

Why Choose Orange Auto for 3M Tinting in Dubai?

Orange auto has been delivering high-quality 3M tinting services in Dubai, with complete car protection at reasonable prices. We have been providing the Dubai market for over 20 years and seem to be aware of the weather conditions that seem to have a direct impact on the interior and exterior body of the car. With comprehensive investigation and analysis of the industry’s numerous solutions. They have everything that is required to keep an automobile in showroom condition. The 3M car window films are not only exclusive and elegant in appearance, but they are also useful to the interiors of a vehicle in a variety of ways. The following services we offer of 3M tinting in Dubai are listed below:

We offer professional and affordable services of 3m tinting in Dubai, and take pride in our wide range of colors and shades to suit the preferences of customers. You even get to choose from many different finishes to match your style, including traditional dyed, carbon-coated and ceramic car tints utilizing nano-technology. This makes us the ultimate one-stop garage where any vehicle owner can find a look that perfectly suits their vehicle and desired style with ease. Take advantage of our 3m tinting in Dubai deals now.

Thanks to the innovative technology used in our car window tints, both drivers and passengers in Dubai are safe and protected. In fact, 3M films have been endorsed by the Skin Cancer Foundation as an effective defense against the harmful effects of UV rays.

The newest window retrofit innovations have addressed the issue of glare with a design that cuts window light penetration by up to 50 percent—allowing drivers to navigate safely even in the brightest sunlight.

As an authorized provider, we offer unbeatable 3M warranties. We use only genuine 3M tinting products. With the summer season just around the corner, this is the right time to take advantage of our tinting deals.

In addition to 3M tinting in dubai, we offer other services like 3M Car detailing, tire change, oil change, and battery check and replacement service making Orange Auto truly a one-stop garage.

3M Tinting FAQs

3m Car window tinting in Dubai starts at AED 500 for a car and AED 700 for an SUV, with a larger vehicle costing roughly AED 700.

The SUV's tinting cost depends on the vehicle size, service provider and quality of the tint film. The car tinting cost for small sedans in the midrange category (CS, Colour stable) is AED 850, while AED 950 for large sedans. For tinting medium SUVs, car owners will have to spend AED 1000, while large SUV owners will have to pay AED 1200. Car owners who want to avail of car tinting services in the high-end range (CR, Crystalline) category have to spend around AED 1600 for small sedans and AED 1800 for large sedans. Meanwhile, tinting the windows of a medium SUV costs AED 1,800 while servicing a large SUV costs AED 2,000. For the entry Level (FX series) category, the following is the list of prices: a small sedan (AED 600), large sedan (AED 750), medium SUV (AED 800), and large SUV (AED 900). These car tinting prices are for the side and back only. If the front of the vehicle also has to be tinted, it would cost AED 850 for a small sedan, AED 900 for a large sedan and a medium SUV, and AED 950 for a large SUV.

3m car Tinted windows reduce visibility by decreasing the passage of light, which is why more than 50% of car window tint is illegal in the UAE.

Non-standard tints have a tendency to peel, particularly along the edges of the rear window. Typically, the original glass is screen-printed.

Tints of standard quality typically last five years, although 3m tinting composed of high-grade polyester and ceramic can last up to 10 years.

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