What is the Legal Window Tint
Percentage of Cars in Dubai?

This blog is part of an explanatory series about car tinting services.

The car tinting business in Dubai, UAE has gone through a huge evolution over the decades. The emirate’s rules and regulations have fluctuated and with a number of various players in the industry, there tends to be a variety of contradictory interpretations of the law. To eradicate confusion and save yourself from the fines that come with it, this article will seek to answer the question what is the legal window tint percentage of car in Dubai?

Car windows tinting

Maximum Level of Car Legal Window Tint Percentage Allowable by Law

In accordance with the Traffic Law and its implementing regulations, no additions may be made to vehicles such as tinted reflective glass beyond the restrictions approved by the Federal Traffic Law, which specifies a maximum amount of darkness of 50 percent Visual Light Transmission (VLT) to the side and rear windows only and not the front window. VLT is a unit used to measure the amount of light that transmits through a window, hence 50 percent of light must come through. Bear in mind that though car glass may look visibly clear, most windows have a shade of tint from the factory. If you want to know whether the tint darkness of your car window is legit, the total of both the factory glass and the window tinting should equal a maximum of 50 percent. Hence, it is wise to get a window tint shade that is slightly lighter than 30 percent, so the total percentage darkness of the window tint + factory glass is less or equal to 50 percent.


Anyone caught violating Legal Window Tint Percentage regulations is issued a fine of 500AED, in addition to the confiscation of the vehicle for a month. The current law enables for 30 percent light brown tinting to the side and rear windows only, but some vehicles may surpass this percentage if the owner gets prior authorization from the traffic authority.

Does the Car Tinting Rule Differ for Women?

In the UAE, irrespective of gender, the window tinting shade permitted is 30 percent or lighter. However, this rule exempts those who were issued a special approval by the RTA or Dubai police for medical reasons.

What About Cars Registered Under the Company?

Only cars currently registered under an individual can be tinted. This is the case irrespective of whether the vehicle is a cargo vehicle or a passenger car. Though the basis for this law was to track the legality of goods being hauled by company cargo vehicles, it has unintentionally impacted a lot of individuals, especially senior management who have been supplied by their company with family vehicles as part of their compensation packages. The best solution for this situation is the installation of a clear window tint that would enable thorough visibility into the car. The good news is that there are a number of options of clear window film available in the market, some of which outstandingly block out Dubai’s harsh heat and detrimental UV rays.

The Amount of Heat Blocked by the Car Tint

The window tint’s effectiveness in blocking heat radiation differs greatly depending on the brand and specifications. This is the main reason why car owners opt to install higher-end window film on their vehicles. 3M Crystalline is a top-quality window tint that effectively blocks up to 97 percent of infrared rays and 99.9 percent of UV rays.

Why Non-Metallic Window Film?

Though metallic window film possesses excellent heat rejection properties, the metal coatings used often reduce the radio reception’s quality. Thus, only non-metallic window film should be installed to prevent this interference. The latest technological advances have seen the launch of carbon and carbon-ceramic coatings as well as the use of nanotechnology in the production of window film. These technologies offer benefits such as outstanding heat and UV protection while being metal-free. As a motorist in Dubai, you have to be aware of the city’s car tinting laws to avoid trouble with the RTA. Now that you already know the answer to the question ‘‘what is the Legal Window Tint Percentage in Dubai’, visit a reliable auto service center now and let them handle the job.