Things you need to know about Car
Window 3M Tinting in Dubai

This blog is part of an explanatory series about 3M car window tinting service.

Dubai, like most locations in the desert experiences extremes when it comes to temperatures and the climate in general. 3M car window tinting in Dubai not only keeps the car cool during the extremely hot summers we experience in Dubai but also minimizes glare during driving. It adds to the visual appeal of the car. 

Car window tinting

Benefits of 3M Car Window Tinting On Car Windows

Blocking harmful UV rays

The main benefit of 3M car window tinting is that it absorbs most of the UV rays that can make the interiors of the car fade and thus helps to retain the newness of the car.

Lowering the Heat levels

A light-colored tint that stays within the norms can increase the coolness quotient of a luxury car.

The safety factor in check

Many people fail to realize that 3M car window tinting immensely adds to the safety factor. In many accidents, the windows tend to shatter and the tiny pieces of broken glass can cause a lot of harm. When the windows are tinted, the adhesive in the tint will minimize breakage by holding the cracked glass together.

Maintain your privacy

Tinting also prevents potential thieves from getting a good look at any valuable equipment that you might have inside your car including state-of-the-art audio systems, and GPS units.

Better Fuel Mileage

Leaving the air conditioner on reduces your gas mileage. Car Window tints, by blocking the sun rays and cooling the cabin, allow you to reduce the use of your air conditioner. Which in turn helps to get more mileage out of your tank.

Various Types of 3M Car Window Tinting

Having your car's windows tinted provides many advantages, which is why many people are considering making this change. It's not an easy job when there are so many options on the table. To make the right decision, you've to be aware of the 3M tinting types.

Dyed Window Tints

Dyed 3M window tinting comprises several layers of dyed film that absorb sunlight as it tries to pass through the windows. The dye helps to keep your car cool by preventing some UV rays from entering. Dye tints are a popular choice because they provide adequate protection at an affordable price. The only disadvantage is it is prone to breaking.

Metalized Window Tints

The metalized tint is scratch-resistant. Metal microparticles within the layers of metalized tint films help with UV reflection. They provide your windows with more strength, making them less prone to shatter in the event of an accident or impact. One significant disadvantage of these products is their high cost, and susceptibility to signal interference.

Ceramic Window Tints

The ceramic coating, like metallic tints, makes windows more shatter-resistant. Ceramic tinting does not fade over time or interfere with radio signals because they do not include dye or metal particles. Ceramic tints reduce UV radiation, protecting your valuable upholstery from deterioration. They are quite expensive.

Carbon Window Tints

Carbon tints are more effective at blocking the radiation from the sun than dyed or metallic tints. They're made of ultra-reflective carbon particles and won't fade as dyed tints do. Your GPS will function because it is not affected by signal interference. They are, but, a pricey alternative due to their rarity.

Hybrid Window Tints

Hybrid window tints mitigate the drawbacks of dyed and metalized window tinting. Between 50 and 95 percent of glare and light can be blocked with hybrid film. Yet, mixed tints are susceptible to signal interference Signal interference. With all these advantages that tinting offers, the next step would be to wonder what brand of tint to use in Dubai and places to get it done in a professional manner.

Traffic Law for 3M Car Window Tinting in Dubai

Before 2017, you couldn’t tint your windows to a percent of more than 30%. Thanks to the new Federal Traffic Law, people can now tint their windows up to 50%. Taxis and trucks, on the other hand, are not permitted to tint their windows to 50%. It is not possible to tint the front windscreen. If you run a car rental business or provide fleet services, you can tint to 50%. You can further read it here. According to Revised Federal Traffic Law, a person or a company found violating this will be charged AED 1500.

Orange Auto Provides the Best 3M Car Tinting Service at Cheap Prices

When it comes to tinting, there will be garages that offer tinting for a sedan for as low as AED 100 and garages that offer the same service for AED 1000. What matters though is whether a good job or a bad job is done when it comes to applying the tint. A bad tint job can be visually unappealing due to the formation of bubbles and it may not cover the entire window. Moreover, it will mean removing the tint and redoing it all over again. Make sure that if you need a tint job, you get it done at a reputed garage like Orange Auto in Al Quoz where only tint films from 3M, which is the best brand in the business are used. 3M car window tinting is one of the best-reviewed automotive tint manufacturers, which means that 3M car window tinting is preferred by more drivers. It is more UV resistant and blocks more infrared light than its competitors. The 3M Crystalline window tint has been shown to block up to 97 percent of infrared rays and 99.9 percent of UV rays. The technicians at this garage have been trained by 3M in the correct technique and give you real value for money. So, here is cooler driving in Dubai with the best-tinted windows!

3M Tinting FAQs

Window tinting costs in Dubai vary depending on the service center you choose, the size of your car, the tinting material, and the brand.

If you need a tint job, make sure you go to a reputable garage like Orange Auto in Al Quoz, where only 3M tint films, the best brand in the market, are used.

3M is the best brand in car window tinting. Here at Orange Auto, our skilled technicians provide the 3M tinting services near you at affordable prices.

The new Federal Traffic Law now allows people to tint their windows up to 50%. Taxis and trucks, on the other hand, are prohibited from tinting their windows more than 50%.

In UAE, the ideal window tinting should be not more than 30%. But in extremely hot weather,  it's a best practice to tint between 30 to 50 percent.

3M tinting is more UV resistant and blocks more infrared light than its competitors. That’s why it is preferred by many drivers over other brands.

Window tint comes in five varieties: Dyed Tints, Metalized Tints, Ceramic Tints, Carbon Window Tints, and Hybrid Window Tints.

According to Revised Federal Traffic Law, a person or a company found violating this will be charged AED 1500.