Top Benefits of Tinting Car Windows

This blog is part of an explanatory series about car window tinting in Dubai.

Have you considered tinting the windows of your car, but are unsure if it’s a good fit for you and your lifestyle? Here in the UAE, drivers often experience intense sun exposure and high temperatures on their travels, which is one of the core reasons why you should absolutely consider tinted windows. If that alone doesn’t convince you, here are a few more benefits of car tinting you should consider.

Car tinting benefits

Increased privacy while driving

Whether you are a celebrity or just someone who enjoys moving from place to place in anonymity, the privacy allotted by a darker window tint is wonderful. You can see out, but onlookers cannot look in. This makes car tinting a great way to move about without unwanted attention.

Protection from harmful UV rays

As previously mentioned, protection from UV rays is a huge concern in the UAE where we experience intense heat and regular sun exposure. UV rays can damage or fade a vehicle's interior, decreasing its resale value. Additionally, UV rays are one of the leading causes of skin cancer. UV solar rays can also increase the temperature in your car, resulting in an uncomfortable wait for the air conditioning system to cool it down. A professional window tint is thoughtfully designed to have UV-blocking features to protect drivers and passengers from unwanted exposure.

Aesthetically pleasing to the eye

Who doesn’t enjoy a nice-looking car? If you’ve bought your car but feel like it is missing something, it’s probably lacking a nice tint! Depending on your preferences, the team at Orange Auto can fit your vehicle with a tint that meets your needs. Are you looking for a light tint or something much darker? Do you prefer a specific material? Whatever you choose, we will ensure that your vehicle’s tint is always aesthetically pleasing.

Increased safety

There are multiple ways a window tint can increase one’s safety. First, window tints can reduce glare from street lighting and the sun, potentially reducing your risks of an accident. In the event that the unexpected occurs and a window is shattered, a high-quality window tint may hold the broken glass together, preventing it from causing undue harm to any passengers. Lastly, when you are in the city and have parked for dinner reservations, you can leave your car in comfort knowing potential burglars can’t peek inside. If there isn’t anything for them to see, it is unlikely they will risk trying to break in.

Find the perfect tint for your vehicle with Orange Auto

As a high-end automotive service provider, the professionals at Orange Auto are fully equipped to add a tint to your vehicle’s windows. Our team can provide a Crystalline Window Tint, 3M Color Stable Series Window Tint, 3M FX Series Window Film, or a Ceramic Window Tint of your choosing. Whether it’s for your work truck, private SUV, or a luxury/exotic vehicle, we’ve got the right window tinting solution to meet your needs.

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