After How Many Kilometers Should
I Change My Tires?

After How Many Kilometers Should I Change My Tires?

Many motorists spend hours keeping their cars in meticulous condition. However, it is essential for their safety that they pay just as much attention to their tires. Tires are all that keep a car in contact with the road and the poor condition of tires has been the cause of many fatalities on the road. In the event that you need to brake suddenly to avoid an accident, the stopping distance or the distance that the car travels before it comes to a complete stop plays a critical role and this depends highly on the grip and traction that your tires provide. If you are planning to go offroad, again the condition of your tires is highly important. Hence it would be a natural question to ask, “After how many kilometers should I change my tires?”

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Motorists need to do a visual inspection of their tires on a regular basis. When the tire tread is down to 1.6mm, their tires are no longer safe and need to replace. The rate at which tires wear out depends on the kind of speeds you drive at and the terrain you tackle on a regular basis. If you regularly drive at high speeds, your tires wear out faster as they have to endure higher levels of friction and sudden stops and starts. If you drive off-road and over tough terrain instead of sticking only to highway driving, your tires will be more susceptible to wear and tear and will wear out faster. You will also need to check your tires for minor tears caused by debris that can lead to punctures in the long run. Another detail you need to remember is that tires should be rotated every 3000 miles to ensure they get equal wear.

If you are not sure how to check for tread wear, your best bet would be to check with a knowledgeable tire technician like the mechanics at Orange Auto in Al Quoz. After a comprehensive visual inspection and checking your tires with a tread depth indicator, they will tell you whether your tires need to be changed and ensure that your tires are in the best possible shape for your next journey.