After How Many km Do I Change
My Spark Plugs in Dubai?

Automakers claim that their vehicles are equipped with extended-life spark plugs that can maintain an accurate gap for 160,900 kilometers. However, here’s the truth: before you wait that long to have them replaced, take note that plugs that hit the 129,000-km marker are four-fifths worn. Maybe you are now asking yourself ‘after how many km do I change my spark plugs in Dubai?

Spark Plug Replacement

As the gap in the spark plug widens, gas mileage and engine performance start to suffer. Moreover, spark plugs that have stayed in place for tens of thousands of miles are likely to seize in the cylinder head or the two-piece designs tend to break. It can cost you a lot once this misfortune happens. Given that your spark plugs are going to need replacement sometime, it is wiser to do it sooner than later.

Though your vehicle is equipped with extended-life spark plugs, it is still important to have them inspected around every 48,300 kilometers. This inspection will also include checking the other items that need replacement such as the starting and charging system, tires, brakes, cabin air filter, fuel filter, air filter, and air filter. When performed on a regular basis, these inspections can help keep the vehicle properly maintained, notifying you of the required repairs and services. When these repairs and services are performed, they significantly contribute to the maintenance of the vehicle’s value, exhaust and emissions system, reliability, and safety.

When replacing spark plugs, experts recommend using the same type of spark plugs that the car was originally equipped with. Say for instance if it has platinum or double platinum spark plugs, it should also have the same style of spark plugs, since this is what the automaker engineered the car to use.

If the vehicle comes with spark plug wires, they must be checked during spark plug replacement as when they are old, worn, and crispy, just engaging them from the spark plug can cause them to come apart. A set of high-quality spark plug wires can last approximately 97,000 to 113, 000 kilometers. Once again, it is wise to replace these parts before a failure such as a misfire. For your information, a vehicle that runs rough or misfires can cause damage to the catalytic converter.

When it comes to your vehicle, preventative maintenance is always the key. So, make sure to have your spark plugs thoroughly inspected by a reliable technician every 48,300 kilometers and replaced when the gap is beyond what is indicated by the automaker.

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