Why is Auto Detailing Becoming More Popular in Dubai?


There was a time when the economy was booming and consumers in Dubai upgraded to bigger, more luxurious vehicles on a regular basis. They reveled in showing off their new cars. The global economic recession and the consequent economic showdown along with the drop in oil prices has affected the disposable income of car buyers in all GCC countries and this has completely changed this scenario. People now keep their cars for a longer time and think twice before upgrading to a new vehicle. When they do sell their cars, they try to get the maximum possible resale value. One way to do is get your vehicle detailed on a more regular basis. Contrary to popular belief, detailing does not involve just washing and waxing your vehicle. It involves through external and internal cleaning and minimizing the impact of wear and tear on the vehicle like small scratches and parking lot door dings, rust and the effect of UV damage from the sun. With cars being built better and people becoming more savvy from a financial perspective, increasing the value of your vehicle with regular detailing is a no brainer. That brings us to the question of which place would be the best choice for car detailing in Dubai?

The harsh UV rays from the sum have the greatest impact on both the exterior and the interiors of a vehicle, especially in a place like Dubai where temperatures can range from 50 degrees C to 1 degree C on winter nights. Automotive pains do have inhibitors to limit damage cause by UV rays, but over time   the paint becomes cloudy due the inhibitors being used up, with about 50 per cent of inhibitors failing after five years. When the vehicle is detailed properly and a wax or sealant is applied on the surface on a regular basis, they bond to the surface of the paint and extend the life of the inhibitors in the automotive paint by absorbing UV rays. They also make the paint more shiny and glossy, giving the car a completely new look.

In addition to the paint, the state of the mechanical components of the car and its interiors also play a part in determining its resale value and can make the difference between a quick sale at a high price and a distress sale at a low price. This is why used car dealers invest a sizable amount in getting all their cars to look clean and shiny with extensive detailing.

At Orange Auto in Al Quoz, detailing is a comprehensive process involving paint care, cleaning of the chassis and wheels, protecting tires and wheels from cracking and corrosion with plastic protectants, thorough cleaning of all interior surfaces, polishing and sealing headlights, taillights and exterior trim as well as inspection and cleaning of the engine bay.

With the value of a new car beginning to drop as soon as it is driven out of the showroom, it definitely makes sense to protect your investment with regular auto detailing  as proper auto detailing does definitely increase the value of your vehicle in most cases.