Beware of Bubbles in your Vehicle Tyres

We all pay a lot of attention to our vehicles and opt for the vehicle that best suits us when it comes to performance, design, and convenience. We fail to pay the same level of attention to our vehicle tyres, which act as the connecting link between our vehicles and the road. Vehicle Tyres need to be checked on a regular basis for any changes in their appearance – bulges, crack or even bubbles. While minor cracks may point to a need to shortly change the tire, if you spot a bubble, you need to take immediate action as there is every possibility that you may soon experience a blowout.

vehicle tyres

The bubble points to extensive damage of the inner liner, such that air is escaping and forming the bubble. It means that only the thin plies of the sidewall are keeping the tire in place. When one of the layers separates from the rest of the tire, air passes into the tire through the gap from the outside and collects under the outer layers to cause the bulge or bubble. Vehicle tyres blowout occurs when the individual layers of the tire separate and the plies are torn away from the rubber in the vehicle tyres. The plies underpin the structure of the tire, providing it with shape, structure and strength under pressure. The rubber in the tire serves the purpose of holding air within the tire. Any factor that reduces the bonding between these two components can lead to a tire blowout.

Generally, this kind of separation occurs when the vehicle tyres pass over potholes, kerbs and debris on the roads. Overloading of the vehicle and underinflation can also cause such damage to tires. In some cases, this occurs due to structural failure. In that case, it is a manufacturing defect and should be covered by the warranty.

Having a vehicle tyres failure can have serious consequences. If you are driving at a slow speed in the suburbs, you may be able to pull over and tackle the situation. However, if you are cruising on the highway at 120 km/hr and experience a blowout, it could culminate in a serious accident that can have tragic consequences. This is one more reason why it is important to stick to speed limits.

In any case, it is better to err on the side of caution and get the tire repaired or replaced. As the internal structure of the tire has failed, driving further on the tire will lead to the bubble or bulge getting bigger and as the pressure builds up, it might burst.

If you see that even one of your tires has a bulge, get it replaced immediately. If you continue to drive with such a tire, you pose a serious risk to your own safety and to that of others on the road. Replace the tire with the spare tire and head to a trusted garage in Dubai like Orange Auto to get knowledgeable tire professionals to advise you.

Hence, it is important to drive carefully to minimize encounters with potholes and periodically check your tires. Keep an eye on tire pressure and make regular visual and tactile checks by running your hands over the sidewall. Avoid speeding and overloading the vehicle. In the event that you feel any bulges or bubbles, you need to head to the nearest garage where you can get advice from trained, experienced tire professionals like Orange Auto in Al Quoz.