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Are you having trouble starting your car? Are your power windows acting up, or do you notice that your lights are getting dimmer? These are telltale signs that you need a battery replacement.

The BMW battery is the heart of your car’s electrical system. It is responsible for everything from starting the engine to powering your entertainment features like the GPS, radio, and dash cam, making it one of the most important components in your vehicle. To enjoy most of the perks in your car, your battery should be checked regularly or replaced as needed. Over time, with extreme climates and frequent usage, batteries will lose their ability to maintain a charge.

BMW batteries can also become unreliable due to the presence of a corroded battery. So, it is important to keep the battery terminals clean from build-up, either by using anti-corrosive gel, grease, or any other corrosion preventive. Several circumstances might cause battery terminal corrosion. Often times it can be caused by hydrogen leaks. The reactions in your BMW’s battery produce minute amounts of hydrogen gas, which is not harmful to humans but can cause corrosion when mixed with other substances. If corrosion happens, it can cause your battery to overcharge or undercharge. Interestingly, overcharging can lead to battery terminal corrosion. When your BMW’s battery is overcharged, it causes the internal temperature to heighten, and electrolytes will then expand. When they run out of space within the battery, they will force their way out of any cracks or vents. Vents usually form near the terminals, and when electrolyte seeps out of them, it combines with metals to form corrosion.

Methods to Check & Fix Battery Corrosion

You can begin your self-check by first cleaning the top of the battery and any corrosion from the battery cables. Battery corrosion can be fixed through the following methods:

  1. Remove the connecting cables, first black, then red.
  2. Apply baking soda over the affected area affected by corrosion. This will neutralize the battery acid.
  3. Add a few drops of water to activate the baking soda, which will result in a chemical reaction that can remove corrosion.
  4. Wipe the area with a paper towel or cloth cotton to remove the residue.

Once you pry off the covers of the battery cells, check the water and acid level mixture within. Having your BMW model’s battery checked at least twice a year and replaced about every three years is the recommended battery maintenance. Every battery and vehicle is different, and your driving habits combined with the harsh Dubai climate and terrain can result in a shorter battery life. Your battery will last longer as long as you keep up with the proper battery maintenance. Have them inspected regularly. This way, you will avoid possible problems while on the road.

Dependable BMW Battery Replacement Service in Dubai

When looking for a BMW battery replacement service, you can depend on us at Orange Auto. All our work is done by accredited BMW technicians using original BMW parts. Do not wait until your BMW battery is completely drained out to bring it in for a service.

Orange Auto will always provide you with a quality job at a reasonable price. We will fix your car’s problems as soon as possible and have you back on the road, feeling safe and driving with confidence.

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BMW Battery FAQs

BMW battery replacement will cost AED 160 to AED 200, depending on the brand, quality, size, and power.

An original BMW battery can last up to 4 to 6 years, depending on your driving habits, terrain, and weather conditions.

No, a BMW won’t run on a dead battery.

Your car will tell you if you need a battery replacement, for instance:

  • Your car's headlights are dimmer than before.
  • You experience frequent power fluctuations.
  • You jumpstart your car more.
  • When the key is turned in or the button is pushed, it doesn't start right away.
  • You experience problems with your power windows, AC, etc.

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