Car Care Tips

Getting Your AC Systems Checked: In the blistering heat of Dubai, it’s a must that you get it repaired and checked as regularly as possible. Dubai’s unbearable weather conditions, especially in summer, send your air conditioning systems into overdrive and this would obviously result them in becoming worn out after a certain time. Moreover, with Dubai being prone to sandstorms, your air conditioning might have dust and sand collecting inside it. If left for a while, all the dust and sand particles will pollute the air you breathe in your car which is something you do not want. Regular maintenance of your AC unit is a must and should not be disregarded.

Getting Your Tyres Checked: At first, people may look at their tires and think that it’s perfectly fine or that it has no problems. Unfortunately, what many do not realize is that numerous tiny cracks in the wheel might exist but are hidden in plain sight. Your car should be taken to a professional garage and inspected on the vehicle lift to ensure that there’re no issues with the tires at all. After all, accidents can happen at any moment and you should always try to minimize the risk of any problems or issues that your car may present. Better to be safe than sorry, right?

Use a Sunshade: Aside from servicing, this would be one of the most essential tips to ensure your car’s survival. Dubai boasts some of the finest foreign vehicles in the world but their owners need to remember that these cars weren’t tailored to withstand Dubai’s extreme conditions. This is usually the reason cars in countries with cooler climates survive longer. If you want to keep your car in the best possible condition for elongated periods of time, you must have to keep it cool using a sunshade or parking in shaded areas, although that may not be available all the time.

Have Your Car Fluids Checked: Engine coolant, engine oil and many other essential fluids keep your car running smooth all year round but that doesn’t mean you should never get them checked. Vehicle breakdown is a significant issue that could put you and your fellow drivers at serious risk; to avoid this you should get regular checks on your fluids.

Get Your Car Battery Checked: In correlation with your air conditioning working in overdrive, your battery will be too. A lot of emphasis should be put on getting your car battery changed because it starts your car and maintains essential features that you need in the unbearable heat, your AC unit being one of them. Furthermore, with Dubai’s hectic lifestyle, you want to avoid any possibility of your car not starting when you need to get somewhere urgently.

Getting Your Car Washed Regularly: Probably one of the easiest on the list would be to just wash your car regularly. The perks of washing your car outweigh the numerous downsides it has and would lead to the eradication of any damage to your cars paint or structure. Getting vehicle checkups can always benefit your car no matter when you take it for inspection. Additionally, you can avoid fines as, per UAE law, you can receive a penalty if your car is dirty.

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