Finding a Good Garage to Service
Your Fleet in Dubai

In Dubai, especially in summer, it is not a rare sight to see buses or trucks stranded on the road due to tire blowouts or brake issues. When it comes to fleet vehicles, whether they are trucks or buses, they need more attention than regular passenger cars and SUVs. The applications for fleet vehicles are different, the terrain they encounter is different and they withstand a lot more use or abuse, as the case might be, than regular vehicles. Finding a garage that is just right for servicing your buses or trucks is definitely a challenge as one that does a good job on passenger cars may not necessarily be adequate for providing the best care for your fleet vehicle. Trucks and buses have bigger engines, require a larger turning radius, and have aggressive brakes. Hence, the vehicles need to be in the best possible condition. Finding a good garage to service your fleet in Dubai is highly crucial to cutting costs, keeping repair bills low, and reducing downtime.


Compared to passenger cars, life is a lot tougher for truck tires and bus tires. They encounter rocks and uneven terrain and are under constant attack from hazards like nails, curbs, and debris. Their breaks wear out faster as torque is much higher and there are more frequent stops and starts. Even with high-quality tires, truck tire life may not last beyond three or four months.

When it comes to tires that have to tackle such demanding environments, the tire technicians should be real experts to maintain your tires in the best possible condition. This will help you to get the best fuel economy and longer life out of your tires while minimizing the potential for dangerous accidents.

Oil change for heavy vehicles needs to be performed at more frequent intervals. Due to the diverse environments they face, a lot of attention needs to be paid to this factor and the garage should stock higher quality, heavy-duty lubricants that will keep your fleet in good shape for a longer duration.

The technicians at the garage you choose should be familiar with every aspect of the maintenance and repair of heavy vehicles including battery change for buses and trucks, lube change, brake replacement and repair, tire replacement and repair, and wheel alignment.

You need to identify and get regular service from a garage-like Orange Auto in Al Quoz that is staffed by trained technicians who are well trained and are familiar with all aspects of tire service like tire replacement and wheel alignment of heavy vehicles. In contrast to a backstreet garage, there are plenty of service bays and a well-appointed waiting area to relax in while you wait for your vehicle to be fixed. With such a garage on your side, you can not only optimize your costs when it comes to fuel efficiency but also keep your repaid bills and vehicle downtime for maintenance and repairs at a minimum.