How Much Do Spark Plugs Cost?

Nothing lasts forever, and so do spark plugs even those long-life 100,000-mile ones. This is why you have to know when it is time to have them replaced, or else, you will suffer the consequences of your negligence. Maybe right now, you are asking yourself “how much do spark plugs cost?”

But before making a purchase, you need to know first a few things about spark plugs replacement.

In the past, drivers would not notice the slow decline in ignition performance until it reached a point where it caused the engine to run rough, created a steady miss, or made it hard to start. Today, 1996 and newer vehicle models come equipped with an OBD II onboard diagnostic system that monitors ignition misfires. When the misfire rate surpasses a certain limit and causes emissions to increase 50 percent over baseline levels, a warning light is illuminated. Older vehicle models do not have this watchdog system. Thus, replacing their spark plugs at the recommended service intervals for preventive maintenance is important to reduce the risk of misfires and maintain optimal engine performance. For traditional spark plugs, the service interval is usually every 45,000 miles while for platinum spark plugs, it is 100,000 miles.


Another reason why bad spark plugs need to be replaced is that they are responsible for a number of cold weather “no start” service calls. Usually, when the old plugs are removed and inspected, they are often found to be dirty or worn. Did you know that dirty plugs can cause fouling which leads to misfiring?

Moreover, new plugs reduce the risk of catalytic converter failure. Just one misfiring plug can dump sufficient raw fuel into the exhaust to overheat and then damage the converter. The high quantities of unburned gasoline in the exhaust will make the converter’s operating temperature rise, which may eventually result in a partial or full meltdown of the converter substrate. In turn, this may lead to a partial restriction or full blockage in the exhaust that produces huge backpressure and chokes off the ability of the engine to exhale. At higher speeds, the engine may lack power and deliver poor fuel economy. It may also stall and refuse to run once it is started. Converter replacement will help solve the restriction problem, but unless the plugs are replaced, the new converter may soon die due to the same problem.

Replacing the spark plugs should be your top priority if you don’t want to experience any driving hassles, especially in Dubai. Orange Auto is one of the leading auto care centers here in the emirate that you can rely on when your car starts having spark plug issues. We only provide NGK plugs to guarantee the excellent performance of your car as well as your comfort and safety on every road trip. The cost of each spark plug depends on your car’s brand, make and model. In this garage, the plugs’ price ranges from AED 35 to AED 70.