How Much Does an Oil Change
Cost in Dubai?

Oil is the lifeblood of a vehicle. Changing the oil is the most important part of the routine maintenance that is needed to keep your vehicle going. Just like our circulatory system keeps us going with blood that is regularly pumped from our hearts, the oil keeps the moving parts of the car lubricated and minimizes the heat generated by friction. This allows all the internal components to keep going without overheating. As time passes, the engine oil breaks down with use and wears out. This makes it less effective when it comes to its function of lubricating and reducing friction. Hence, before the engine breaks down and you end up with a major repair bill, you will need to change the oil. This naturally leads to the question of where you can get an oil change done and how much an oil change would cost in Dubai.

Changing car oil

An oil change involves opening up the car’s engine, removing the old oil, and replacing it with new, fresh engine oil. Generally, it would be better to change the oil filter also at the same time, unless it is relatively clean.

Motorists can opt to change the oil every 5,000 kilometers, 7000 kilometers, or 10000 kilometers and 15,000 KM. This depends on a number of factors. If you use synthetic oil, you can go as far as 10000 kilometers without changing oil. To keep the vehicles in the best possible condition, mechanics at Orange Auto in Al Quoz would recommend that you change it every 5000 kilometers, especially if you generally drive at high speeds or have an older engine. Some manufacturers might recommend a longer interval between oil changes like 7000 kilometers.

Changing the oil is a time-consuming task and the spacious waiting area at Orange Auto with coffee at your disposal will make the wait more pleasant. The professional technicians at Orange Auto will not only change your oil and filter but will also tell you if any other fluids need topping up after a visual 20 point inspection.

Charges for an oil change will vary from AED 175 for a sedan at the 5000-kilometer interval including labor costs, replacement of the oil filter, a 20 point check, and car wash to AED 810 for a high-end vehicle like a Porsche Cayenne inclusive of filter change, car wash and labor costs at a 10000-kilometer interval.