Manual Car Wash VS Automatic Car Wash in Dubai

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Where do i get professional car wash service in Dubai? maintaining the cleanliness of the vehicle is a challenge. However, what’s more challenging is when you don’t have time to do the car wash yourself. In this case, there’s no other option than to take it to a reliable auto care center. Two of the car wash types you can choose from are: manual car wash and automatic car wash.

Manual Car Wash VS Automatic Car Wash in Dubai

Manual Car Wash

Thanks to technology, automatic car washes have greatly advanced in the past decade. However, their lack of contact has a tendency to hinder their ability to thoroughly clean a vehicle. For the right exterior care, washing is just the first step. It is then followed by claying, polishing and waxing. These extra processes help eliminate embedded contaminants and restore the shine of a damaged finish. Hand washing helps determine such problems and give the ability to pay trouble spots extra attention. None of these steps have a comparable step in automatic washing, excluding waxing. Moreover, most automatic washes will use either hand drying with a towel or air drying. These methods usually leave extensive exterior scratching and water spotting when compared to a manual drying with a clean, premium quality micro fiber cloth. This is why hand washing is the advisable choice for luxury or vintage vehicles.

Automatic Car Wash

What makes automatic car wash ahead of manual car wash is the speed and convenience it offers. While manual car wash involves the use of a mitt, soap, bucket and running water, automatic car wash just requires you to get in your car and visit a car wash. Normally, it just takes 5 to 10 minutes to complete. Meanwhile, hand washing, even when rushed, will take around 20 minutes to an hour or more.

Now that you already know the pros and cons of automatic car wash and manual car wash, it is time to decide on the type of wash that best suits your vehicle and your budget. Here at Orange Auto, we take pride in the professional manual car wash service performed by our team of experts. With the tender loving care we give every car, it will not only be clean and shiny but free from mars and scratches.