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Dunlop has a famous heritage as Dunlop’s founder, John Boyd Dunlop developed the first pneumatic rubber tyres in the world. Dunlop is one brand of tyres that is very popular in Dubai due to the quality and performance of its tyres.

Dunlop may be one brand, but across the world it is owned by different companies. In North America, Australia, New Zealand and Europe, Goodyear Tyre and Rubber Company owns the Dunlop brand. In Asia, Africa, and Latin America, the brand is owned by Sumitomo Rubber Industries. Both Sumitomo and Goodyear are leading tire manufacturers and Dunlop tyres are known for their high quality and outstanding performance. This is ideal for a place like Dubai where the climate and terrain are quite demanding and tyres of good quality are needed. Read More

Dunlop tyres are closely associated with motorsports. The brand is the exclusive supplier to well known races like the British Touring Car Championship and the European le Mans Series GTE Class.

In addition to automotive tires, Dunlop tires are available for ATVs, motorcycles, commercial trucks and go-karts.

Dunlop tyres are known for the innovative technologies they feature. Some of these include hydro paddle technology for channeling away water from the tyres, multi pitch tread design technology for noise cancellation with different sizes of tread blocks, self supporting technology that reinforces sidewalls to allow motorists to drive for 50 miles even after tires are punctures and Silicarbon matrix for better grip.

Dunlop was also the first brand to incorporate Kevlar from DuPont to reinforce the sidewall and deliver better precision. Accidental curb damage is no longer an issue with the Max Flange Shield to protect the lower sidewalls of tyres

Dunlop has a wide range of sports performance tires like the Performance Direzza DZ102 and SP Sport Maxx GT that are just right for ultra high performance vehicles. Offroading and drifting are quite popular in Dubai and Dunlop tires are ideal for these activities. Dunlop also has tires that are ideal for family vehicles like the premium SP Sport 3000 A tyre.

Dunlop tires have been used as the OE tires for many models including Alfa Romeo, BMW, Hyundai, Porsche, BMW. Dunlop tires are known for performing well in a wide range of weather conditions and for being dependable.

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