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Marshal is a brand that has a history of over 25 years. Marshal tires are widely available in Dubai and are known for offering motorists outstanding performance at value prices. In Dubai, Marshal tires are available for a wide range of vehicles including passenger cars, trucks, SUVs and vans. Marshal tires have performed admirably well in tires tests that are conducted by independent bodies like ADAC and OAMTC, highlighting the high quality of the tires.

Currently, the Marshal brand is owned by Kumho Tire company, which is one of the top tire manufacturers in the world and belongs to the Kumho Asiana Group.
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Marshal is a brand that is known for its focus on research and development and the outcome of this emphasis on innovation is a range of high performance tyres that can easily handle the tough demands placed on them by the harsh climate and terrain in Dubai. Marshal has research institutes located across the world in places like Gwangju in Korea, Birmingham in the UK, Tianjin in China and Akron in the United States where the brand’s technical team is engaged in coming up with innovative tire technologies. Marshal regularly launches new patterns which feature the latest developments in tire technology and cater to the needs of consumers.

In Dubai as in other places in the world, fuel economy and environment friendliness of tires is very important. Marshal is committed to developing more durable tires with better fuel economy and longer lifespan to reduce the carbon footprint of motorists in Dubai. Ecofriendly processes are used right from production to waste disposal.

Marshal has patterns like the Matrac MH11 which are ideal for family vehicles which are widely used in Dubai and ultra high-performance tires that are good for long off road trips and drifting during the weekends.

In the Middle East market, Marshal is distributed by Dubai based Varga Trading Company. Marshal is a brand that is known for delivering top quality tires at affordable prices and Marshal tires have become quite popular in Dubai. Thus, if you want to buy premium quality tires in Dubai, price is no longer a factor.

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