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Michelin, a French tyre manufacturer is one of the pioneers in the tyre industry and has been a market leader ever since the company was set up in 1889. Along with Goodyear and Bridgestone, it is one of the top three tyre manufacturers in the world. Michelin tyres are highly popular among customers in Dubai. Customers in Dubai are in the market for tires that offer outstanding performance in addition to safety and good fuel efficiency and Michelin tyres meet all these criteria. In association with its dealers in Dubai and Abdu Dhabi, Michelin has conducted many safety campaigns and summer tire checks to help customers become more knowledgeable about tire safety and road safety.
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Tyres like the new Michelin Pilot Sport 4 S from Michelin are ideal for those who are keen on drifting and offroading in Dubai. This tire which proved to be better than five other ultra-high-performance tires from other leading brands in third party tests provides motorists with very short stopping distances in both wet and dry conditions and allowed them to get their fastest laps. Hence, Michelin tyres are considered to be outstanding both when it comes to safety and performance.

In addition to the Michelin brand, the company also produces the Kormoran, UniRoyal, BF Goodrich and Riker tyres. In fact, Michelin came up with several innovations for the pneumatic tire and invented the radial tire. Michelin has also been in the news for the Michelin Tweel, a tire cum wheel that is being positioned as an alternative to conventional pneumatic tyres. Michelin was the also the first company to come up with the concept of runflat tires, as far back as 1934, and these runflat tyres are also available in Dubai.

Michelin has a diverse range of tires meant for passenger cars, trucks, aircraft, heavy equipment, motorcycles, bicycles and even space shuttles. A wide range of Michelin and Kormoran tires are available in Dubai.

Michelin has been closely associated with motorsports and participated in MotoGP in the period from 1972 to 2008. After a break, the company returned as the official supplier of MotoGP in 2016. In the world of endurance racing, Michelin is associated with 24 Hours of Le Mans and the American Le Mans series. The company has been the exclusive supplier of tyres LMP3 from 2015.

Michelin is also known for its association with the World Rally Championship (WRC), its maps, tour guides and restaurant guides.

Michelin has a number of OE fitments to its credit, for cars ranging from compact cars to supercars like the Porsche 911 GT3 and the Aston Martin Valkyrie hybrid hypercar.

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