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Yokohama tyres are made by the Yokohama Rubber company. The company which is based in Tokyo, was set up in 1917. Yokohama tyres are widely available in Dubai. The company’s most popular tire is the Aspec A300. Yokohama’s “ADVAN” range of tyres are also highly popular in Dubai, as in other parts of the world, especially in the replacement market. The Geolandar G056 and G055 tyres are also popular in Dubai as they are highly appropriate for use in SUVs and crossovers. Both the tyres have Yokohama’s patented “Orange oil” technology and offer all-weather traction making them ideal for both highway and offroad use. When it comes to tread wear, they are highly durable and their adaptive shoulder blocks help reduce tread noise.
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When it comes to offroading, Yokohama tyres in Dubai are a popular choice. Yokohama Geolandar AT/S with its slightly aggressive tread pattern is a good choice.

Another range which Yokohama tyres Dubai has made an impact with is its “BluEarth” range of fuel-efficient tires. The BluEarth RV-02 line is ideal for CUVs and SUVs. BluEarth tyres have outstanding wear resistance, are highly durable, fuel-efficient and have high levels of wet grip as they too have Yokohama’s proprietary nano compounds and “orange oil technology”

Yokohama tyres are good for use in a diverse range of vehicles that are popular in Dubai including  high-performance vehicles like Porsche, rugged vehicles like the Jeep Compass as well as economy sedans like the Toyota Yaris.

Yokohama is known for its range of heavy duty tires and for the fifth straight year, got the Platinum supplier award from Caterpillar in 2017.

Yokohama has grown over the years into a global brand that is worth USD 6 billion and the parent company of Yokohama, Yokohama Rubber Co. Ltd, is marking 100 years in the business in 2017.

Yokohama has long been associated with the popular football club, Arsenal of the English Premier football league. Yokohama has also been the official tire supplier for the Macau Grand Prix Formula 3 Intercontinental Cup race from 1983. In order to highlight the outstanding performance of its Geolandar tires, Yokohama has taken on the role of exclusive tire supplier for the 2017 US Nitro Circus Live Tour.

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