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Summer time is the hottest time of year and that is when your vehicle will most probably be working hardest to cope with the heat. Here are some summer car care tips to get your car ready in time for the summer and to avoid vehicle breakdowns that leave you stranded on the road in the intense summer heat!

Check your AC system

Since your AC will be working much more than during other seasons, it is essential to make sure that it is working at the optimum level. AC filters need to be checked and replaced if dirty. This makes a huge difference to the air you breathe while in the vehicle. If your AC’s filter is clean, it reduces the chances of getting an airborne infection. Getting an AC disinfectant job done is always a plus. After all, you cannot put a price on your health.

summer car care tips

Have your tires checked

Get your tires checked by a professional as your tires may look perfect to the naked eye, but they may still have small cracks that are seen when your vehicle is inspected on the car lift. Tire failure may happen when least expected. Your tires are the only thing that is in contact with the road, and hence it is important to get them checked and even replace them if necessary. Good summer car care tips would be to fill your tires with nitrogen and not regular air. Nitrogen does not expand as the temperature rises inside your tires thus making your tires last longer!

Park your car in the shade, or have a sunshade

Using a sunshade or parking your car under the shade protects the interiors of your vehicle from fading, the dashboard from developing cracks, and just keeps your car cool in general. Not only does this protect the interiors, but it also protects your engine compartments and components in general. This is the main reason why vehicles last longer in Europe than in the GCC region. The cooler weather makes the vehicles last longer.

Have your car fluids checked

The other essential summer car care tips is to regularly check the level of fluids like your engine oil and engine coolant in order to keep your vehicle performing at the optimum level. This can prevent overheating of your engine, and reduce the chances of a vehicle breakdown.

Get your car battery checked

Just like your vehicle will be working harder during the hot summer months, so will your car battery. This is mainly due to extensive use of your vehicle’s air conditioning and a greater degree of evaporation of the many fluids in the vehicle. You may even notice that your gas consumption will be slightly higher during the summer. Car batteries can work for up to two years in the GCC region. Make it a point to check your car battery at periodic intervals.

Get your car washed regularly

A regular car wash minimizes the chance for any impurities, debris, and harmful chemicals to react with your car paint and cause irreversible damage. As per UAE law, dirty vehicles may also get a fine.

Getting a full vehicle car checkup is essential, the same way you would with health, dental, or any other kind of checkup. Prevention is better than cure! These are the best Summer car care tips for car lovers.

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