The Most Common Range Rover Problems - What You Should Be Aware Of

Range Rover, the iconic luxury SUV brand, has captivated numerous automotive enthusiasts with its elegant design, impressive off-road prowess, and lavish interiors. Nevertheless, like any vehicle, Range Rovers do have their share of issues. In this blog, we will delve into the most common problems that Range Rover owners may face, offering valuable insights to potential buyers and current owners alike for better awareness and preparedness.

The most common Range Rover issues

Air Suspension Problems

One of the most frequently reported issues with Range Rovers is related to their air suspension system. The air suspension is designed to provide a smooth and comfortable ride, adjusting the vehicle’s height based on road conditions. However, over time, components such as air springs, compressors, or sensors can fail, leading to uneven ride height, warning messages on the dashboard, or even suspension failure. Regular maintenance and prompt repairs are crucial to avoid costly damages.

Electrical Gremlins

As with many modern luxury vehicles, Range Rovers are packed with advanced electronics and features. While these innovations enhance the driving experience, they also bring about potential electrical problems. Owners have reported issues with the infotainment system, touchscreen display, and various sensors. In some cases, faulty electrical components could drain the battery, leaving the vehicle unable to start. Ensuring proper upkeep and addressing electrical issues promptly is essential.

  • Infotainment System Software Update: Between 370 AED and 1100 AED ($100 to $300 in USD)
  • Touchscreen Display Replacement: Between 1850 AED and 5550 AED ($500 to $1,500 in USD)
  • Navigation System Repair: Between 740 AED and 2960 AED ($200 to $800 in USD)
  • Audio System Repair: Between 1100 AED and 3700 AED ($300 to $1,000 in USD)
  • Bluetooth Connectivity Issues: Between 370 AED and 1850 AED ($100 to $500 in USD)

Engine Performance and Cooling System

Range Rover models equipped with gasoline or diesel engines have experienced problems with engine performance. These issues include rough idling, misfires, and reduced power. Additionally, the cooling system may encounter leaks or malfunctions, leading to engine overheating. Regular maintenance, using high-quality coolant, and timely repairs are vital to preserve the engine’s longevity and performance.

Transmission Troubles

Some Range Rover models have been associated with transmission issues, particularly in the earlier years of certain generations. Common complaints include rough shifting, gear slipping, or transmission failure. Keeping up with the manufacturer’s recommended transmission fluid changes can help extend the transmission’s lifespan and prevent potential transmission repairs.

Oil Leaks

Oil leaks are a recurring problem in several Range Rover models and can range between 740 AED and 5500 AED to repair ($200 to $1500 in USD). These leaks can occur from the engine, transmission, or other components. Ignoring oil leaks can lead to low oil levels, which may cause significant engine damage. Regularly inspecting the vehicle for any signs of oil leaks and promptly addressing them is essential to maintain the health of the engine.

Brake System Faults

The braking system is a critical safety feature in any vehicle, and Range Rovers are no exception. Some owners have reported issues with the brake system, including squealing brakes, reduced braking performance, or brake fluid leaks. Timely brake maintenance, including pad and rotor replacements, and addressing any brake-related warning lights is essential for safe driving.

Door Latch and Handle Problems

While not a safety concern, door latch and handle problems have been reported by Range Rover owners. These issues could result in doors not opening or closing properly, causing inconvenience and potential security risks. Regular lubrication and occasional inspection of door mechanisms can prevent such problems.

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