Tips to Keep Your Car AC System
Really Cool in Dubai

Most of us tend to take the air conditioning systems in our car for granted. With temperatures that can be close to 50 degrees C in summer, life on the roads in Dubai can be pure hell if your car AC system is not in the best condition. In order to know how to take the best care of your car AC system, you need to understand how it works. An air conditioner system does not work by just blowing cold air into the car. It actually evacuates the hot air within the car to the external atmosphere. An evaporator having liquid coolant cools the external air and recirculates it through the car. The car AC system consists of a number of mechanical parts like an evaporator, condenser, and compressor, all of which are subject to wear and tear and need to be serviced on a regular basis to ensure that you keep your cool at all times.

Here are a few tips to keep your car AC system in the best condition in Dubai:

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When you park your car on really hot days, park it in the shade or in an area that is relatively cooler than other parts. Use shades to cover the windshields and the windows. Get the windows tinted with film from reputable manufacturers like 3M to keep the heat out. The lower the interior temperature of your car, to begin with, the less is the burden on your car AC when you start the car again.

Once you get into your car, open all the windows and even your doors for a few moments to remove the hot air quickly. When you turn the car AC on, keep it at the lowest setting to remove the greatest amount of hot air and recirculate the cool air in order to cool the car faster. Once the temperature is comfortable, readjust the temperature setting to a normal level. When the temperature is at a level you like, switch the setting to Recirculation mode so that no more hot air is taken in from the outside and the burden is less on the AC.

If your vehicle smells musty, it is because the internal air has been circulated over and over again. Switch the setting to the external mode on a regular basis to keep the air in the car fresh and make sure that the car AC system is sanitized periodically.

In the event that you generally do not use the AC in cooler times, switch the AC on for a few minutes at least on a weekly basis to keep all the components well lubricated. In fact, switching the AC on when you have fog on the windshield will get it to disappear faster as AC keeps humidity levels low.

Do not choose temperature settings that are too extreme. A temperature of about 24 degrees Celsius is comfortable for most people. When the temperature is very hot inside and you set the temperature inside to freezing, it increases the load on the AC system and on your body as well. You just might not be able to cope with stepping into the heat again.

Once you reach home, don’t turn off the ignition with the AC still running as that will have an adverse effect on the AC system. First, turn off the AC and then switch off the ignition. In fact, if you turn off the AC a while before you reach your destination and keep the fan running, it will dry out the air near the evaporator and minimize the growth of nasty bacteria and fungi that can make you and your passengers sick.

As in the case of all components, ensure that only genuine parts are used when it comes to the replacement of AC components whether it is the evaporator, hoses, or valves. Sure, you can get cheaper parts in the grey market, but in the long run, the cost for your AC and your health will be much higher. This is why you should ensure that your AC is serviced at a reputable garage that uses only genuine parts.

To keep your car AC in the best condition, get it thoroughly cleaned, check the refrigerant level and refill the gas before summer begins every year. The presence of bacteria and fungi in the AC can aggravate existing health issues like asthma and allergies.

Hence to protect your health and your sanity, get your AC serviced at a garage staffed by qualified and trained technicians like Orange Auto, in Al Quoz, Dubai. The workshop offers special sanitizing treatments to remove any pesky bacteria and fungi as well as musty odors.