Benefits of Ceramic Paint Protection to
Protect your Car in Dubai

For a car lover, the appearance of their car is a part of their “look” or sometimes even more important than how they look. Their vehicle is not just a means of transport but is a style accessory. Gearheads are always on the lookout for products, services, and techniques that will help them keep dust, rain, and environmental contaminants at bay. This is why ceramic paint protection is highly popular in Dubai, where dust gathers quickly on the exterior of a car even if you take care to always use covered parking. Ceramic paint protection has transformed the car care sector as it minimizes the need for washing. Using ceramic paint protection can go a long way towards retaining the new look of your car as it is a long-lasting shine product that has the ability to repel dirt and environmental pollutants. Some might argue that waxing the car regularly would be just as good, but waxing builds up on the paint and overzealous buffing can have an adverse effect on the clearcoat. In Dubai, where weather conditions are such that cars need to be cleaned on a regular basis, using ceramic paint protection can definitely help reduce the need for frequent washing and improve the resale value of your car. Car paint protection is an essential aspect of car maintenance in Australia as well, due to the harsh weather conditions and the damaging effects of UV rays on the paint.

ceramic paint protection dubai

Nano ceramic paint protection involves the use of a metallic nano glaze comprising copper, silver salts and oxides. This glaze has been used right from the time of the Mesopotamian civilization by potters to give their pottery a glittering effect. The coating consists of highly durable polymers which stays bonded to the exterior paint of the car for years. The market for ceramic paint protection in Dubai where motorists are highly conscious about how their vehicles look is quite huge.

A study that was conducted in 1995 found that in the UK alone, there was a huge market to the tune of USD 8.5 billion for coatings that protect automotive surfaces. This included nano ceramic coating, glass coating and other barriers which essentially form a hard shell that bonds to the car’s paint. This semi-permanent shell keeps it new and shiny looking, while protecting the vehicle against corrosion and wear. According to coating manufacturers, the coatings adhere physically and chemically to the surface of the paint. In the case of some nano coatings, these bonds do not even diminish over time and part of the clearcoat needs to be taken off when the coating is buffed off.

There numerous coatings that you can choose from whether it is ceramic coating, nano coating, glass coating or quartz coating, but whichever coating you opt for, it is important to apply the coating to either a new car or corrected paintwork. The vehicle needs to be thoroughly washed , prepared and buffed before it is wiped down with an alcohol based cleaning solution and the coating is applied by expert technicians. Due to the extensive prep time required and the high level of expertise the technician should have, ceramic paint protection should always be carried out at a trusted garage like Orange Auto in Dubai. The cleaning process is necessary to remove all existing oils and contaminants from the surface as this is a prerequisite for the coating to bond to the surface. The coating process should be carried out in an environment that is totally free from contaminants. Due to the level of care that is needed for the entire process, your car is bound to stay new and shiny for years after getting the coating. The harsh chemicals used in the coatings have a very high level of VOCs (volatile organic compounds). The coatings last for a long time and are effective in repelling dirt, acidic contaminants and can even minimize the impact of minor scratches. The downside, of course, is that when any paint correction is needed due to a minor or major accident, the coating needs to be removed and reapplied.

Ceramic paint protection will help you keep your car pristine in Dubai. It will still need to be buffed and washed, though less frequently.