What are the Best Tyre
Brands in Dubai?

How do you determine what are the best tyre brands in Dubai? Judging the quality of a tire is not an easy task. In view of the fact that not even the poshest, most expensive vehicle can actually move without a decent set of tyres, selecting the best tyre brands is an important task for every motorist. Tires have an important part to play in fuel economy, ride comfort, and safety on the road. Rather than the best tyre brands, there are a few criteria that you should always keep in mind when purchasing tires.

Car tires

The age of the tire is the primary concern when it comes to selecting tires. In Dubai, tyres age a lot faster than they would in cooler places as the extreme temperatures here cause the rubber in the tyre to crack. One rule of thumb is never to buy tires that are more than five years old. In fact, the UAE has a consumer protection law in place banning tire dealers from selling old tires.

The easiest way to check the date of production is to look at the sidewall of the tire which will have a code consisting of letters and numbers. Called the DOT code, its last four digits will reveal the date of manufacture in MM/YY format. So, a tire with a code ending in 0914 was manufactured in September 2014.

Whether you are buying one tire or a complete set of tires, it is important for all four tires to be as identical as possible to make the vehicle easier to control. So, preferably you should buy tires of the same brand, or at least of the same size, speed rating, and load index. These specifications should also match the recommended norms for your vehicle for maximum ride comfort and safety.

The load capacity is the numerical code that is given at the end of the specification of the tire and specifies the maximum weight that can be supported by the tire. The speed rating is allocated on an alphabetical basis and describes the maximum speeds at which tires can be used. Normally, S and T-rated tires are used for passenger cars while U and H tires are used for sports or performance cars. For ultra-high performance cars like Bugattis and Lamborghinis that are seen frequently on Dubai roads, V, W and Y rated tires can be used.

Though rains are rarely seen in Dubai, it is better to err on the side of caution and purchase all-season tires rather than summer tires. Summer tires are meant specifically for dry conditions and have fewer grooves than all-season tires. In the event that you encounter wet roads, you could end up skidding as water does not disperse easily. This leads to a loss of friction and aquaplaning.

A wide range of tire brands are available for purchase in Dubai ranging from off-road tires like Cooper’s Discoverer Zeon 4XS Sport tire for SUVs, Pirelli’s P Zero tires for your Ferrari, and low budget brands like Roadstone. The retail tire market here is highly diversified with demand for high-end performance tires as well as budget tires from Chinese, Indian, Korean, Indonesian, and Thai brands which offer value for money.

The best tyre brands in Dubai are Michelin, Goodyear, Bridgestone, Dunlop, Yokohama, Hankook, Continental, Kenda, Marshal, firestone, and cooper tyres. Ultimately, based on the factors that are most important for him, whether it is performance or fuel economy, it is the motorist who is in the driving seat when it comes to tire selection.