When Do I Replace My Car’s Brake
Pads in dubai?

When it comes to vehicle care and maintenance, the signs don’t lie. If you are asking yourself ‘when do I replace my car’s brake pads in Dubai?’, you can use this article as a guide to figure out what these signs are and how to deal with them.

Brake Pad Replacement

Signs to Replace Car Brake Pads

Pulsating Brake Pedal

Do you notice the brake pedal pulsating when you press on it with your foot? This is a common sign that your brake pads need replacement. The term “pulsating brakes” pertains to the brake vibration, or constant grabbing when a driver tries to apply their brakes. Usually, this is caused by worn-out brake pads or brake pads that warped due to heat. When it comes to pulsating brakes, the brakes are re-machined sometimes to remedy the problem. However, if the existing brake pads cannot be re-machined, they likely need replacement.

Clicking Noise

Another obvious sign that your brake pads need replacement is when the brakes make a clicking noise upon application. Vehicle manufacturers install a device designed to inhibit the pads from rattling upon the depression of the brakes. In case the existing pads are not re-machinable, they have to be replaced with new ones.

Screeching Sound

Aside from a clicking noise, you should also pay attention to a high-pitched, screeching sound when the brakes are fully depressed. This sound is caused by a small metal shim, which acts as an indicator to warn drivers that they have to replace the pads. While the pitch of this sound might differ, the sound is typically heard when the windows are closed, but possibly not when the radio is playing at a loud volume. If your car makes a similar sound just once or on rare occasions, the pads may not have to be replaced. Usually, when a car sits idle after being exposed to water, moisture causes a thin layer of rust to lay over the brake rotor. Once it occurs, you may possibly hear a squealing or screeching sound as the brake pads press on the rust-covered rotors. However, when the rust wears off, this annoying sound stops. You only have to consider brake pad replacement when this sound regularly occurs.

The Pads Look Too Thin

When it comes to brake pad replacement, you should also pay attention to visual cues. Have you tried looking at the current brake pads through the spokes of the wheel? The outside brake pad is visible as the material is pressed against the metal rotor. If you see less than a 1/4 inch of pad visible, then that suggests that the pads are too thin and must be replaced with new brake pads.

The Car is Pulling

Though a car pulling to one side of the road can mean a few different things, it normally suggests that your car needs new brake pads. If it pulls to one side or another, without turning the steering wheel when a driver applies the brakes, this usually means that the existing brake pads are wearing unevenly. However, if the car is pulling while you accelerate or drive at a steady speed without applying the brakes, this implies a different repair issue.

Deep Groves in the Rotor

Severely worn brake pads typically leave deep, circular grooves in the rotor. Called scores, these grooves look similar to the marks on a record. If these grooves are visible on the rotors, the brake pads need replacement. Furthermore, if the grooves are deep, the rotor may also have to be tuned or replaced.

Grinding Sound

When you hear a growling or grinding sound upon application of the brakes, the brake pads are normally beyond replacement. Typically, this sound is caused by the metal caliper and metal disc rubbing together because the brake pad is worn down. This suggests that apart from replacing the brake pads, a driver often has to replace the rotors, or at least get them tuned by an expert mechanic. Take note that your brake pads should be replaced before the brakes get to a point where they are creating a growling or grinding sound. These are just some of the tell-tale signs that your brake pads already need replacement.

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