Where Do I Change My Car
Spark Plugs in Dubai?

Spark plugs can be considered as the tiniest lightning bolt. Without these parts, the car will not start or go anywhere. And given that their health is directly associated with engine performance, bad or weak plugs lead to a number of issues including cold-starting and misfires during acceleration. If you have been noticing any of these problems lately, then your plugs need to be replaced. In that case, this is the question you have to ask yourself: ‘where do I change my car spark plugs in Dubai?


While it is true that there are several auto repair centers in this emirate, there are only few good ones that will live up to your expectations. This is why conducting online research is very important. In choosing an auto service center to take your car to, consider the following factors: the brand of spark plugs offered, the price of the spark plug replacement service, and the reputation of the garage.

NGK is a household name in the automotive ignition system arena, making it the leading choice of drivers worldwide. For years, the Japanese supplier has proven its might in the motoring industry backed by its research and development efforts. The beauty of its spark plugs is that they fit the different engines of different manufacturers and are also available for older car models.

To guarantee a safe and hassle-free road trip of Dubai drivers and their occupants, Orange Auto only offer original NGK spark plugs. These are installed by the garage’s expert technicians following a thorough vehicle checkup.

Don’t let worn spark plugs spoil the fun, safety and comfort of your everyday road trip. Take your car to a reliable garage now for a complete vehicle checkup and replacement!